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  1. Gen1 Service Issues
    Had “ac shutting off do to high engine heat” come on look at my temp gage and it’s all the way to cold. Did a little research and what I’m finding is it could be the temp Sensor, anyone else running into this problem.
  2. Gen1 Service Issues
    Hi guys. I've recently noticed a slow loss of coolant as the level has been dropping in the overflow container. The leak seems to be seeping coolant from the upper radiator hose where it connects to the water outlet. Previously the overflow hose leaked and was replaced by the dealership but I...
  3. Gen1 Service Issues
    I have a 1.8l auto 2011 cruze. i drove it today to work and then the rpms started to bounce from 1100 to 700. i pulled over and then i removed oil cap then i heard compresion noise like no other. i put the oil cap back on then i drove to my work. i work for a chevy dealership so that a bonus i...
  4. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    I have only had my Cruze for a week and curious what the Coolent temp should be. Mine is running 219 my HHR I traded in only ran about 190.
  5. Gen1 Service Issues
    Wife's LT1 is over a year old with under 4000 miles...All the posts on coolent smell/leaks is a concern although we have not noticed any unusual odors or leaks(under the car)... I noticed the "plastic, coolent tank has an arrow near the top of the tank....does this indicate where the coolent...
1-5 of 5 Results