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  1. General Discussion
    Poll: Should Chevy Make A Cruze Coupe? | GM Authority
  2. General Discussion
    Thanks to, we have an intriguing article and picture of a Cruze coupe to look it. GM, produce it, and I will buy it! This Is How A Chevy Cruze Coupe SS Could Look | GM Authority
  3. General Discussion
    It was an SE model, so it had leather heated seats, a sunroof and special wheels/tires. The MSRP was $20,600, which seemed like a pretty good deal for the equipment with the car. I don't need a 4 door car and I wanted to see how the Elantra felt on the road. It was nice - a good solid feel...
  4. General Discussion
    GM is suggesting that one of these two might be an upcoming Cruze Coupe. Hopefully we will have this option in the US. NAIAS 2012: Chevrolet TRU 140S Concept Is Really Just A Sexy Cruze Coupe | GM Authority
  5. General Discussion
    Chevrolet Code 130R Concept is a rear-wheel-drive dream -Built on Cruze platform -Front engine, RWD -Coupe -150hp/148ft/lb This car is SEXY!
  6. General Discussion
    Mark Reuss, GM North American President said, referring to the Cruze, "a two door coupe would be nice." Of course that is not a production commitment, but GM, if you produce and sell a Cruze coupe in America, please keep the Eco with a manual transmission as an orderable option. "sub-models."...
  7. General Discussion
    If Autoguide is correct, GM has already has a Cruze coupe concept. It is beautiful, as per attached link. GM May Produce Two Door Version Of Chevrolet Cruze | News Let's tell GM to produce/sell it here!
  8. General Discussion
    GM May Produce Two Door Version Of Chevrolet Cruze | News
  9. General Discussion
    I found this coupe rendition. I think it looks pretty good. A little understated like the sedan. Hope GM has some secret plans for the coupe, it's what I really want.
1-9 of 12 Results