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  1. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Hey all, I am having to replace timing cover on my 2012 cruze 1.4L turbo because the people that done waterpump last overtighten to ft lbs not in lbs so I'm replacing the cover it also needs a crank seal blah blah blah the usual. Does anyone know exactly where it needs rtv at on cover to...
  2. General Discussion
    Hi folks, I was just wondering if anybody has treated their steering wheel with one of those custom, hand-stitched leather covers? I really don't like my wheel as it is at the moment, and really like the look of these (I've included a couple of photos of what I'm looking for). If I did...
  3. General Discussion
    hey everyone, I just wanted to know if anyone else is having the same problem I am. I have a 2013 Chevy Cruze LTZ. I replaced that valve cover because thats the code me check engine light was giving me.. after I replaced it and reset everything the code came back two days later and is throwing...
  4. General Discussion
    Hello, I just recently changed my valve cover and gasket with OEM. I torqued cover in sequence with 71in.lbs. I scraped off old gasket remnants and used black high temp gasket maker silicone where timing chain cover meets the head. No signs of oil leaking anywhere from valve cover. My issue I am...
  5. Gen2 Powertrain
    Hello everyone. Can anyone tell me how to take off the valve cover of a LE2 1.4L Chevy Cruze engine? And are there any special tools I will require?
  6. General Discussion
    Hello, My 2014 Cruze has 93,000 miles on it and have discovered the squeaky noise coming from the engine. By a previous post discovered by pulling the dip-stick the noise went away, so the PCV may be an issue, I checked it and everything there is fine its not sucking any air. So, its the crank...
  7. Gen1 Powertrain
    So, I have a 14 Cruze with 1.4t, got the P0171 this morning. I still have a few months of powertrain warranty remaining. Are there any scenarios where the problem could be fixed for free or do I need to bend over?
  8. General Discussion
    I have a couple holes stripped out on the head of my 2011 Chevy Cruze. Does anyone know the size of the helicoil that I will need to use the same bolts?
  9. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    After pressure testing my intake. I finally found the exact spot I had the oil leak on the front back side of engine. The timing chain cover is leaking by the alternator. I found a manual in doing this but I was wondering if anyone had done this. Do you actually require the special tools for...
  10. General Discussion
    Hey everyone! I went to drive my gf's cruze yesterday and heard a loud ticking/tapping noise that Im pretty sure is the lifters. She is not always the greatest at keeping up with oil changes and such, (but I still love her) I know that the powertrain warranty covers lifters, but it also...
  11. Gen1 Powertrain
    Hey Guys! I replaced my valve cover gasket on my 2012 Chevy Cruze 1.8L today and went to tighten the last bolt and....SNAP. Does anyone happen to know what size/thread bolt it is? I did some looking online and in this forum and I can't really find anything specific. It's one of the shorter...
  12. Gen1 1.8L
    Bump, and copy to Gen1 / 1.8L sub-forum. Is this simply a valve cover gasket? Or is there something else I need to look at? Thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was looking under the hood of my daughter's 2012 Cruze 2LS (~60k miles...
  13. Gen1 Powertrain
    I was looking under the hood of my daughter's 2012 Cruze 2LS (~60k miles, 1.8 liter LUW) and noticed oil leaking. It appears to be coming from around the valve cover. Reading the forum, I've learned the 1.4 turbo is known for leaking there, with the PCV being the underlying cause. Is the 1.8...
  14. General Discussion
    With the ddm coil cover listed on there website for a sonic with a 1.4 fit the cruze with a 1.4?
  15. Gen II
    Hi, I'd like to purchase a cargo shade / cover that fits 2017 Cruze Hatchback. Can anyone direct me to aftermarket location to purchase OR does anyone have one to sell? Curiously it was not included with our used Cruze. :unsure: Thanks!!
  16. Gen2 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Just a quick question if anyone knows how to remove the light cover on a gen 2 sedan license plate light? There are no visible screws I see to undo to remove. So, for the life of me I've tried looking for ways with trim removal tools to get this cover off but no luck.
  17. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Hello, I recently replaced the valve cover on my GF's 2012 chevy cruze 1.4L turbo due to a ruptured vacuum regulator diaphragm. and the valve cover replacement went smoothly except for one issue: I overtightened the bolt on the top center, passenger side of the cover (image at...
  18. Gen2 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    I am looking for steering wheel covers for my wife's new Cruze LS. Can you please direct me to links where I might buy them? My searches are coming back with slim results. Thanks!
  19. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Hi All, Hoping to get some opinions on my recent issue. So I had oil leak from camshaft (valve) cover gasket and I decided to replace it. Just the gasket, I know PCVs are common to fail but mine was still good so I only ordered a brand new genuine AC Delco gasket. I replaced it as shown by...
1-19 of 205 Results