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  1. Cruze Vehicle Sales
    Purchased from southworth chevy with 4k miles 1 owner and after my 34,000 miles I have averaged 31.7 mi per gallon. I just got over 38 mpg on my 220 mile trip from Iowa and that is mostly 2 lane and hilly roads! The snow tires just went on and I have a separate set of Chevy 17" Sonic rims shod...
  2. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Dropping off the car in the morning to get 35 % thinking maybe to go with 20% only doing rear windows and windshield strip
  3. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Finallyyyyyyyyyy have ctd after driving 200 miles to get it. This is the 3rd time I bought this car lolol. (2 failed deals from dealers trying to do a swap) Car had 2 miles on it which made me happy. 25 mile best was 56.5 mpg. 50 mile best was 51.6mpg. So fuel economy is off to a great start...
  4. General Discussion
    I was looking at getting a silver cruze but the crystal red has really grown on me. How is the paint holding up for you all. Are the chips showing easily? How are scratches showing up etc etc Thanks for any info
  5. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Just wondering if anyone has a picture of a cruze with 50% front and 35% rear tint? I'm no longer into the gangster blacked out look but I still want a little tint. Even if its not red I would still like to see it :)
  6. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Which Sent from Free App
  7. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Hi guys! I factory ordered a new Cruze March 2nd. Hope to have it second week of April.
  8. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Hey Guys, So I finally got it. Creeping on here for a long time, but finally a Cruzer myself. 33KM on it and Loved the 9KM that I actually drove.:yahoo:
  9. General Discussion
    I live in the KC area, I have a '12 Cruze RS, I'd like to trade someone out rear bumpers, and I'll give you the side skirts and badges. Absolutely nothing wrong with either, I just like the base look better. It won't come with the rear diffuser, but you can buy one on ebay. If you are interested...
  10. General Discussion
    I was at a local dealer's lot last night checking out Cruzes. There were (2) crystal red tintcoat Cruzes there. One a 2012 and the other a 2013. I could swear that the 2013 was much deeper and brighter looking than the 2012s. Did Chevy perhaps make a change in the SHADE of the crystal red...
  11. Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    im looking for some ideas on what black wheels will look like on the crystal red cruze. anyone got any pics? seems there isnt much on the 5x105 rims
  12. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Hello, Just purchased a Crystal Red 2012 LT with RS package, along with the interior of Red/Black. Was looking at getting some hydragraphics done to it at the shop i work at and was wondering what would look the nicest in it? Still waiting on the delivery so i figured i'd start here. Thanks
  13. Gen I
    Has anyone got an undamaged crystal red hood they want to sell? Mine was recently damaged by a tree branch and I reall don't want to have one painted in the body shop these metallic paints are so difficult to match. Willing to pay a fair price to anyone who has one willing to ship or pickup near...
  14. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Hey Everyone, My name's Chris. My wife and I just traded in our 2005 Dodge SRT-4 last week for a 2011 Crystal Red Tintcoat Cruze Eco 6sp manual. Was the last 2011 on the lot and got a great deal on it from our dealer which we have now bought 5 cars off of. The SRT was lightly modded but for...
  15. General Discussion
    Just bought this, watched it roll off the truck and all!!!
  16. General Discussion
    My new Crystal Red Metallic Cruze Eco with Jet Black interior and the Connectivity Plus Cruise package. Let me know what you think. This is after about 4 hours of washing, clay bar procedure, and a good coat of Meguiar's wax. It was well worth it.
  17. Gen1 Powertrain
    Cruze LT2 Crystal Red transmission issue Hi all I once again seem to have a problem with my car. I recently got the thermostat and transmission updates done on my car, initially everything was better good shifting better millage then about a week ago I noticed when the car shifts from 2nd to...
  18. General Discussion
    When I picked up Ruby from the dealership there were 4 areas on the rear driver's side door about 4" across that looked like the clearcoat had not covered. The rest of the car and door were nice and glossy, but these spots were as flat as the paint on an Abrams Battletank. The dealership...
  19. General Discussion
    Our newest family member was delivered last Friday to Sands Chevrolet here in Phoenix. MSRP - $27,005 (all options except spare tire and license plate frame) PAID - $24,885 (USAA Member's Buyer Program)
1-19 of 21 Results