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  1. Gen1 Service Issues
    The title says it. Sorry if this has been asked/answered, in that case please just gimme a link. I'm in Eastern Europe, just says "This VIN cannot be processed", I guess it's because it only works for vehicles that appear in their database as shipped to...
  2. Gen1 Service Issues
    In order to reduce the "Jackie, please check my car for recalls" PMs that Chevy Customer Care receive, we are providing the link to the General Motors Recall Database. In order to use this, you will need the full VIN for your car. This database is part of a NHTSA required program that all car...
  3. Gen1 Powertrain
    I found a really nice on-line tech database for Cruze info. This is a European site, and therefore has information pertaining to the cars sold in those markets. Please note, there appears to be no specific information regarding the 1.8L (LUW) engine, but there's lots of information regarding...
1-3 of 10 Results