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  2. Gen2 Service Issues
    I purchased the new and one of the last 2019 Chevy Cruze's in Feb of 2019. I have read about previous issues about the ticking sound coming from the lower end of the steering column. I myself have this issue as well as a friend of mine who just bought the LT last week. Mine is the LT D2 version...
  3. Gen2 Powertrain
    So today my AEM CAI came!! Woot!! Can't wait to pick up the new Cruze in 7 days. I'm gonna install it on June 1st. That's my wife's birthday and while she is being pampered with an hour massage and nails I'm gonna put this bad boy in....
  4. Discount Tire Direct
    This Memorial Day weekend receive a 10% prepaid Mastercard by mail on your total purchase when you buy 4 tires and/or wheels!!! See the links below for additional details. AT THE STORE: Memorial Day Deals | Discount Tire Memorial Day Deals | America's Tire TO YOUR DOOR: Memorial...
  5. Gen2 Service Issues
    Have a 2016.5 Cruze with about 30K miles. Yesterday I drove it for 2 30-minute trips. At the beginning of the first trip there was a very strong burnt plastic smell coming into the cabin. It continued for the rest of the two trips, albeit not quite as strong as when we first started. I...
  6. General Discussion
    Was sitting in traffic and heard this car come around the corner and noticed it was 60's vette and then noticed the license plate: "Its a 427" Surely explains the sound! I am sure if you are not a "car guy" You may be thinking Huh!! So what. Got me to thinking since "PATMAN" is taken, I...
  7. Discount Tire Direct
    Find your end-of-summer savings and SAVE BIG on select tires and wheels with 2018 Labor Day Deals!!! ***AT THE STORE (8/31& 9/1) (9/2 - 9/3 ONLINE)*** Labor Day Deals | Discount Tire Labor Day Deals | Americas Tire ***TO YOUR DOOR (8/27 - 9/4)*** Labor Day Deals | Discount Tire Direct
  8. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Hello I am Paul from Michigan. I am getting a new 2018 Cruze this wednesday! I ordered the LT version in pepperdust metallic. THis will be the most current car I have ever owned. My last car was a 2007 Cobalt LS (bare bones model). This will be my first LT model ever. I will be most excited...
  9. General Discussion
    We have thousands of members - vote please. Make these contests worth something! all you FaceBookers, post a thread there asking them to log in here and vote please. Just sayin'
  10. Discount Tire Direct
    2018 Memorial Day Deals on tires and wheels has been extended at Discount Tire Direct thru May 31st, 2018!!! If you're in the market for tires or wheels, now's a GREAT time to pull the trigger! TO YOUR DOOR (5/23 - 5/31) Memorial Day Deals | Discount Tire Direct
  11. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Hey all, Just picked up a 2018 Cruze LT Manual Sedan with an RS package. I'm not much of an economy car guy but we are moving and the drive to work will be about 50 miles round trip so a change was needed. I was driving a 2013 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan and it was great, but I was getting 14...
  12. Gen2 Audio & Electronics
    This is kind of a question / workaround post. My 2017 Cruze screen stays in day mode no matter the time of day. This makes using Google Maps at night a dicey proposition as looking at the bright screen compromises your night vision. Has anyone else seen this? I did find a workaround using...
  13. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    After I was browsing another forum and came across a great idea; A way to cover up the silver disk where you insert your key to manually unlock your doors. If you are like me, the only time I would ever want to do that is when the fob dies. And actually you can still do that, but more on...
1-13 of 186 Results