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  1. General Discussion
    i just replaced the battery in my 2017 and now i cant get my heater, AC, defrost, or any hvac to even come on. i have looked for a blown fuze but really cant find one that specifically is for heater or AC. but i pulled the ones that i thought it might be and they are all fine. i tried unhooking...
  2. Gen2 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Anyone removed the two defrost dash trim pieces on their gen 2s on the dashboard? Looks like they'd just have a couple snap clips but was curious before I start prying at it. Thanks!
  3. Gen1 Service Issues
    My blend door lever finally broke exactly like others, means I'm stuck on defrost or not at all. The replacement piece is ridiculous expensive for being a tiny piece of plastic, and being I have a 3D printer I'd like to design a replacement and print it instead. If anyone has one of these pieces...
  4. Gen1 Diesel Technical Discussion
    I still can't get the forum search function to work, so not sure if there's already a topic on this, but anyway, here it goes. I left work yesterday and remote started my car as I always do. I pulled out of the yard and got out to lock the gate. When I got back in, the windows were a bit fogged...
  5. 👋 CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Have a 2013 Cruze that was been wonderful. I am having an issue with my defrost on the front windshield. Heat works fine but not much air is getting to the windshield. If I close the vent below the windshield defrost the dash gets very warm. Any ideas. Live in extreme cold so need to be able to...
  6. 👋 CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    I have no clue why the heater selector wont work on anything except for defrost. Need some answers please
  7. Gen1 Service Issues
    Hello everyone I have a 2011 Chevy Cruz and for some reason I have lost my defrost. Everything else seems to work and switch is just fine but I can’t get any volume out of the defrost for the windshield . Any info would be greatly appreciated
  8. General Discussion
    Hello guys, i started having this issue yesterday and iv been searching the web trying to find a solution, or clear answer on what i need to replace i have a 2012 chevy cruze Lt. The problem in i can not get the fan to switch to my windshield to defrost, currently i will switch between the...
  9. Gen1 Service Issues
    After some cold days, I imagine this plastic gear didn't enjoy the weather, and decided to break off. It was laying on my driver side floor board. My heater vents only blow out from the front and I think the feet. When putting it onto front windshield defrost, it only blows from the front vents...
  10. Gen1 Service Issues
    2012 model cruze. Do these have a bulb behind the center panel? All of these knobs and switches work but they don’t light up.
  11. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    For anyone suffering from the broken lever that controls the windshield defrost I have good news... You can remove the cluster and unclip the body harness behind it to gain access to the broken gear! Once the main gear is uncliped you have enough room to slide it out and remove the broken...
  12. General Discussion
    I have a 2012 Chevy Cruze 2LT RS that will not blow air from defrost. When on defrost the air blows from dash vents. Not 100% sure but don't think it is the door blend actuator because when I crawled under the dash it looks like it rotates in every position. I tried disconnecting the battery and...
  13. General Discussion
    If i push the button to direct air to windshield it only blows n my face. I have the 100,000 mile warranty would that cover my issue with HVAC controls?
  14. General Discussion
    Before I start, I'll say I know this issue has been discussed ad nausium, but I'd to get opinions on WHY our defrost is not nearly as effective as other vehicles. I'll preface this by saying I HAVE checked my recirculating door and it is working as designed. When the door is set to outside air...
  15. General Discussion
    Hello, when I switch the ventilation to 'defrost' the aircon swtches on automaticly. Is there a way to use the defrost setting without aircon? I don't want to use the aircon all the time, without the aircon, it defogs enough. Thanks! Mark
  16. Gen1 Audio, Electronics & Electrical
    I have a 2011 Chev cruise and when anything is turned on with the heater or a/c, the fans cycle on/off on very high speed for 10 seconds, off for 5, then back on again. I have seen this with A/C, but with the defrost on or heater on or just outside air coming in. When the blower motor is running...
  17. Gen1 Service Issues
    I have a 2012 Cruze LS with 45000 miles. When I use the air (heater, A/C, or just normal fan), the air just blows out the defroster. This happens with any of the options. For example, if I select the leg option, the fan will slow down almost to where no air is blowing out of any of the vents...
  18. Gen1 Service Issues
    I noticed that the top 4 or so bars on the rear glass were not heating up, along with another random bar in the middle. I took it to the dealer today for an oil change and to check on the defrost issue, which I was sure would be warranty. They investigated and noted "damage" on the inside of...
  19. General Discussion
    I did a search but found threads relating to fog. I have not had any problems with my windshield fogging or being able to remove it. I noticed that while driving ice will accumulate on both sides of the windshield making it extremely difficult to see anything except for what's straight in...
  20. General Discussion
    If you leave the setting on Defrost does the AC compressor come on , or does it come on only with AC on. Reason asking is that on some vehicles if you use the defrost your gas mileage suffers because the compressor comes on in the defrost mode regardless you use AC or not. I have a 2013 ECO.
1-20 of 25 Results