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  1. General Discussion
    It is becoming drag season at Atlanta Motor speedway. I am planning on entering my 17 Hatch into the drags. But looking for opinions as to what class I should be in. Mods BNR Tune BNR Throttle Body Spacer K&N Cold Air Intake GMPP Exhaust GMPP Lowering Kit...
  2. Racing Events
    Went to yellow belly in grand prairie last weekend and posted a best time of 11.53 in the 1/8 mile. Going to head out to redline raceway in Caddo Mills on friday 8/1 if anyone is interested. I couldn't get a single import to take on the cruze at yellow belly.
  3. General Discussion
    My town had flashlight drags today and even though I did not attend I still was able to see many cool cars. A lot of the cars just drive around town when done or while waiting. Saw more Cruze's today than I have in a while. Most appeared to be stock while some were mild to wild. Some I saw were...
1-3 of 3 Results