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  1. Gen1 Service Issues
    Hi, I have a 1.4L 2016 Cruze limited and i am wondering when i should change my oil. I drive long trips (1.5 Hours) all highway to work EVERYDAY (One way) and back is another 1.5 hours all highway too. I am a smooth driver - never punch it. I get the good oil and always change it myself. I...
  2. Fuel Economy
    Slowly ramping up my new to me car search in the < 10g range. Would like to buy in the next few months. I've pretty much settled on a 1LT RS for a bit of style but still respectable mpg (compared with the eco) Im wondering if the types of commutes would be enough to allow the 6mt to fully...
  3. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    Found what believe is my first problem. 2014 Cruze Diesel. Mylink NAV system with Pioneer Package I bought in December 2014. Apparently this system us corrupting/ damaging my thumb drives. First two I was willing to write off to defective drives as they were same band, Verbatim. symptoms...
  4. General Discussion Once you click on the link, scroll down a little bit for the video part.
  5. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    I've seen similar issues posted on here, but I've never found an answer to my specific issue. I have a 64Gb flash drive with 23.4Gb of music on it. When I first used it a few week ago, it worked, but it seemed to be not playing certain songs. I noticed that some of the files were .wma...
  6. General Discussion
    Hey all, Was looking for an alternative choice for a Music Hard Drive besides my Ipod 120 Classic.. or a memory stick. I want to put 500 gigs to a TB in there and I was wondering if there were any self or usb powered HD's out there that I could just plug into the USB port.
  7. General Discussion
    I remember we had a post here about Cruze sales for the start of 2011 being less then expected, and it wasn't a number to make GM happy. I guess everyone went broke from the holidays :D I was reading that last month was an amazing month for Chevy Cruze sales, with the Cruze reaching 18 500+...
  8. General Discussion
    When I test drive cars, I often put my foot on the gas pretty hard at least a couple times. I assume other test drivers are doing the same. Does this mess up the engine's break in period?
  9. General Discussion
    I decided I didn't want to keep plugging in my iPhone every time I got into the car so I started looking into the Thumb Drive option. I tried plugging in my 8GB PNY Attache but it did not come up - I tried updating my TV with this drive as well which it did not pick up either so I wasn't too...
  10. General Discussion
    back with another read about the Cruze. This is from TheStar ____________________ “Ssshhh . . . We’re going hunting . . . It’s Civic season.” — Tim (Tool Man) Allen The weapon of choice for Hollywood actor and comedian Tim Allen in the television ad is the Chevrolet Cruze. He targets the...
1-10 of 11 Results