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  1. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    I'm looking in purchasing some aftermarket headlights for my 2012 Cruze that feature a DRL strip in them. I was concerned on how these lights would operate as my Cruze is a 2012 model which featured the headlights running at a lower voltage as a DRL as opposed to the 2015+ that had a DRL...
  2. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    Hi everyone, I've done a lot of searching and couldn't find anything that covered this so I thought I'd post it here. I have a Cruze SRI-V 2011 with Day Running Lamps (DRL) and all of a sudden, BOTH lamps are only running on the minor brightness lamps (accessory lamps I believe). I can use my...
  3. Lighting
    Hello all, I recently bought some led drl lights for my cruze ls. i had little knowledge about wiring but decided to try and install them with a couple buddies. we decided that we could splice the lights through the side indicator lights because the lights i bought didnt come with a switch...
1-3 of 3 Results