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    Hi Everyone, My wife has a 2018 Elantra Value Package. End of story is I can't stand this thing.. The interior is so cheaply made if you look at any of the plastic it smudges and gets dirty. It has this stain on the steering wheel that I've tried to get everything to get off. It has this...
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    It was an SE model, so it had leather heated seats, a sunroof and special wheels/tires. The MSRP was $20,600, which seemed like a pretty good deal for the equipment with the car. I don't need a 4 door car and I wanted to see how the Elantra felt on the road. It was nice - a good solid feel...
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    My wife and I drove an Eco last weekend and were impressed. We also wanted to drive an Elantra, but none could be had in our town w/ manual transmissions. We had settled on the Cruze and were getting ready to buy (tomorrow) when the Hyundai dealership found a GLS w/ manual for us to drive...
  4. General Discussion
    Hi folks. My wife and I test drove each of the cars in the subject today, except for the Elantra (dealership didn't have one w/ a manual transmission). I realize comparing the Prius against the others is kind of an apples to oranges situation, so let's not bother (unless you really want to...
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    To cut to the chase, the Hyundai Elantra turned out to be the better car with all the testing and information Inside Line had put together. But To you which car is the better car even after reading through this comparison test? Follow the link below for any missing information and to find...
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    Chevrolet compares the Cruze to the Elantra. Cruze for the win, i wouldn't drive a Hyundai.
1-6 of 8 Results