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  1. Gen2 Powertrain
    With the LE2 Turbo so subjected to LSPI events. I was wondering how to know if you've had or are having one? Is there any noise associated with the event like way pack when unleaded gas first came out there was a distinctive pinging sound. I would think that if there is ignition before the...
    If you are expecting to get the maximum out of your new set of floor mats, we have a practical solution, which will extend the life of your vehicle's interior and shield it from wear. Maxliner floor mats and cargo liners are designed to always keep their form to block spills and mess. All...
  3. Gen1 Audio, Electronics & Electrical
    My instrument panel lights and DIC flashes at random times , It occurs when its dry wheather or wet , cold and warm I get no OBDII errors and alternator and battery seems to be okay ((I measured this out). I don't think its a lose contact because it does not do it always and it even start to...
  4. Events, Meets, & Regional Discussion
    Anyone "cruzing" out for the clean culture big night meet?? Not sure of too many details about the meet but I've been to their previous ones and they have amazing turn outs. Let me know if anyone wants to set up a cruise out or is going to already be there!
  5. General Discussion
    Hello everyone, On 6 April we organized a rally here in Perugia in Italia.é was a fantastic event, cruze 19 and 40 persone.Sole ... food .. and so much passion .. Now enough talk, I'll watch the video "amateur" made ​​by me, I hope you enjoy: Hello to all pedro
  6. West!/events/359293987475137/ 8am located at the Baer Racing facility. Hope to see some Cruze owners there.
  7. Fuel Economy
    Ok, this isn't really Cruze related but it is FE related. Apparently, Gerdes was invited to teach and coach drivers at Toyota dealer event in WA state (some info at I was going to post this long ago, but hadn't found the time. Wayne Gerdes Ride along @ Toyota of Yakima -...
  8. Events, Meets, & Regional Discussion
    Well sunday will be my first ever autocross in bedford tx at pennington field I hope I dont suck it up all I want to do is not hit any cones ill hopefully be able to post videos if not you can see them on my youtube page which is chevycruze05 This is my competition so far 24 Lynn, Jamie 2006...
  9. General Discussion
    Does anyone know where it is located and if it can be removed or deactivated somehow? I know on my BMW it was integrated with the airbags and removing it would cause the airbags to not work. Side note: Lets keep this to the point/question asked and not discuss the "why" or "theory" of it...
  10. Events, Meets, & Regional Discussion
    Malaysia's Cruze Club event. Our take on the bow tie formation.
  11. General Discussion
    Man, what a trip. Summary: - The weight of the car is pretty brutal. No shocker there. - The tires have no traction. No shocker there. - Combination of the two above = no bueno. No shocker there. It was actually pretty interesting. Our courses are not like some of the courses I've seen out on...
  12. General Discussion
    According to the Chevy website, the "Count On Chevy Event" deals have been extended to 07/05/11 for the 2011 Cruze ECO and LS models. OK, I was wrong on the model year end closeout sale! Jim
  13. General Discussion
    I just ordred my Taupe Gray Cruze LTZ RS at the dealership on 4/19 and currently it is at event code 1100. How long does it usually stay at code 1100 and how long usually does it take to move to the next event code???
1-13 of 20 Results