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  1. Events, Meets, & Regional Discussion
    Does anyone know of any chevy Cruze meets in San Jose California?
  2. Gen1 Diesel Technical Discussion
    So, yesterday I interrupted a regen like I always have and didn't think anything of it. It ended up at 15 grams. I fully expected it to resume like it always has, but it did not. This has never happened before. It's always resumed. So I became concerned. It ended up going back to 19 like it...
  3. Events, Meets, & Regional Discussion
    This thread will be open to discuss extra events that people can participate in after the meet is over. Here are a few of the options already discussed: Drive-In Theater on Friday or Saturday Night Elm Road Triple Drive-In Theater. 1895 Elm Rd NE Warren, OH 44483 Ticket booth opens at 7:00PM...
  4. Midwest
    Looking for more Events and Local Cruzes I Travel these Areas Bradford Erie Pittsburgh Butler Comment if interested
  5. General Discussion
    Hey all. Some of you may remember when I first started here (being that I was one of the only people here with an '11 Cruze with steelies), and my beautiful car that had some plastidip work done. Here some reminder pictures: She is a beaut! The most recent work I never posted was her new...
  6. Events, Meets, & Regional Discussion
    Just curious if there are people doing any events / meets in North East PA.
  7. Canada
    Welcome all Cruzers! I am attempting to host a Cruze meet in an area of Atlantic Canada! The meet will be held around the end of July, 2014. We need 25 people to be 100% positive they are coming in order for the meet to come together! We will have refreshments, vinyls, clothing, and...
  8. Events, Meets, & Regional Discussion
    For info about the plant tour itself: Go here For info about accommodations : GM Tour 2014 Hotel Information In the accommodations thread, I mentioned it might be best for everyone if we were to meet at exit 223 of Interstate 80 in Austintown, OH. It's a short drive to the plant and has quick...
1-8 of 11 Results