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  1. General Discussion
    Howdy all, I am new to the forum but wanted to pose a question for others who may have some experience. I have had my cruze since 2012 and drive quite a bit. I am looking for a decent 3rd party extended warranty provider if one exists for my cruze as I am now at 61,000 miles. Luckily there...
  2. General Discussion
    So I have the infamous coolant leak. Of course my car has been in the shop for it since 5 months after purchase. But now I am out of bumper to bumper at 38,500 miles. So I need to take it back in because the coolant is again getting low. I am sure they are going to do one of their pressure...
  3. General Discussion
    Just wondering what people recommend for an extended warranty. I just got a 2014 chevy cruze 1lt and I can't decide if I should get an extended warranty. Dealership wanted too much for it so I am looking to see where else people get their extended warranties from.
  4. General Discussion
    My biggest regret with this car was not getting the extended warranty. I was always told that they're a rip off but the amount of money I've thrown away on issues they would have covered since my standard warranty expired is approaching $5k. Not trying to complain, just a heads up for those...
  5. Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    Is there suck thing as extended wheel studs for the cruze? Would like to put a 10mm spacer to space the stock wheels out a bit. also if anyone has done it, how hard are they to install?
  6. General Discussion
    Large print says guaranteed protection up to 15,000 miles. Small print says, to maintain your vehicle warranty, go by their recommendations. What is does not say, is if your engine does fry up, how to claim this guarantee. But for a little more than a buck extra, thought I would try it...
  7. General Discussion
    Hey guys, I recently (about 2wks ago) purchased a used 2013 Cruze with 10k miles on it. The extended warranty came out to $2910, (Planed months duration = 48months , planned milage duration = 48k miles , this is what is stated in the contract which i guess is what the finance guy put down). I...
  8. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Chevy Cruze Diesel Attracting Buyers With Quiet Engine, Extended Range | Vehicles & Technology content from WardsAuto [/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR] Engineers can’t make the Cruze diesel totally quiet. That will take another evolution. But someday the totally noiseless diesel will come, Gary Altman...
  9. General Discussion
    Purchased a 2011 Imperial Blue Metallic Cruze approximately two weeks ago from a dealership and I still have about 6K miles left under factory warranty. They recommended me to get an extended warranty for 6 years/100K for 3 grands. So Cruze Veterans, do you recommend me to get the extended...
  10. Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    So i recently purchased some 13mm wheel sspacers and Im having trouble finding somewhere that sells extended studs for my Cruze. Does any know where I can get some? Or does anyone know the specs of the stock studs?
  11. General Discussion
    I am thinking on buying a extended warranty for my 2011 Chevy Cruze.. Should I go with an outside Company or buy one from the Dealership? and how much should I be paying if I bought one from the dealership? Curious mind want's to know.
  12. General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I am going to pick up my cruze 2LT RS package 2013 brand new. I am wondering if it would be a good idea to take any kind of extended warranty or not. Some of you already have cruzes with lots of mileage, is it something to consider or let go?
  13. General Discussion
    My 2012 Cruze LT will be one year old in 2 days. I have almost 23,000 miles on it. I figure I have about 6 months left before my bumper to bumper warranty expires. Any advice on what to do about extended warranties? I called GM and they said I have to go through my dealer which I know can be...
  14. Gen1 Powertrain
    I have run regular Mobil-1 in a previous car for well over 100,000 miles. I always tried to change it every 6-7000 miles or so on that car - also a hard-working turbocharged motor with over 200K on it. I bought Extended Performance for my first oil change on the Cruze (at 3,200 mi now - I want...
  15. General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I picked up my 2011 Silver Ice Cruze Eco last week Thursday, and I'm really enjoying the car. Like many of you, I was offered the GMPP Extended Warranty when I picked up my car, extending the base warranty from 3y/36,000 to 5y/100,000. I asked if I could have a few days to decide...
  16. General Discussion
    Just wondering if anybody has any thoughts on extended warranties.I got one from the dealer because the Cruze is new to US/Canada, but I'm wondering if it's worth it. (Eco MT)
  17. General Discussion
    Finally, my Cruze is showing in transit, from the factory. It'll be any day now. It's a LT turbo+ with RS package and Nav. It's a Ice Metallic Silver with Jet Black sports Red interior. Question: Just curious being a brand new model, is it wise to get extended warranty? Dealer wants $3244.00...
21-37 of 37 Results