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  1. Gen2 Powertrain
    I don't know if Holley waits until they have some orders banked up before they fabricate these exhausts, but the Flowmaster 817762 arrived today after ordering it back on Sept. 10. I'm not expecting any real performance increase, just wanting something better than the stock sound on my '18 RS...
  2. Gen2 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    Thanks to Ma v e n, I'm running the 17" Bridgestone S-04's and I'm still amazed at how much more livable the RS Premier is now versus the 18" OEM Michelins. In 2018 the hatch only had RS badging on the grill. I added an RS to the hatch (see earlier post). The Gen1's had RS badging on the doors...
  3. Gen2 Powertrain
    Im sure somebody has asked this before but does the Flowmaster Force II 409 SS Axle-Back fit the Gen 2 sedans. I have a 2016 Premier RS and looking at exhaust options.
  4. Gen2 Powertrain
    So, I've had the new flowmaster axleback on my 17 RS hatchback for a couple weeks, and while I haven't been able to get the videos I wanted, here are a couple quick shots for your viewing pleasure. At least the next guy will have some ideas what his car may sound like lol :D...
  5. Gen2 Powertrain
    Whelp. Already took a sawsall to the new hatch. Install was easy, exactly as shown in the instructions and with a car less than a month old everything slid in and out nicely. The pipe, and tip were packaged very nicely but the clamp was a little mangled. I was able to get the clamp on the pipe...
    If you are looking to enhance the capabilities of your Cruze and make it sound more serious, take a closer look at our Force ll Exhaust System by Flowmaster. Being ideally engineered for daily street driving, it will provide you with distinctive and beautiful Flowmaster sound. This traditional...
  7. Gen1 Powertrain
    Didn't know if anyone has seen this... Flowmaster Force II Cat-back For Chevy Cruze | GM Authority
    Flowmaster exhaust systems are well-known all over the world for their sporty tone and performance character. Recently they've released a new Force II™ 409 SS Single Axle-Back Exhaust System with Single Out Rear Exit for Chevy Cruze 2017, which is now available at CARiD. Designed for a moderate...
  9. General Discussion
    Hey everyone, My name is Jeff, I am new, and I am old. I just bought a 13 1LT RS 1.4T. It has very low mileage, and is 100% bone stock. I spent most of the day today, searching the forum for info on the Flowmaster system #817565. There are plenty of threads, but most over 4 years old. Does...
  10. Gen1 Powertrain
    I have always put flowmaster exhaust on all my vehicles. I think I'm going with the round cylindrical type flowmaster on the Cruze. I have a 60 series (4 cylinder designed muffler) on my patriot, it sounds great! Does anyone have a flowmaster on their Cruze? Also......does an exhaust amplify the...
  11. Bad News Racing
    Just wanted to let everyone know that these are available at BNR. Fits 1.4T and 1.8 2011+ Chevrolet Cruze Flowmaster Force II Catback Exhaust
  12. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    How do they sound? Got someone who can have it installed tommorow. Any others that will fit on a cruze? guy said if theres room they can check another muffler :)
  13. General Discussion
    Flowmaster 80 series, left stock resonator in. Didn't want it to loud just deeper tone.
  14. Gen1 Powertrain
    should i get downpipe mid pipe... before an exhaust system? Which of these will help more with power and Mpgs.
  15. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Will try to post a video tomorrow when installed so you guys can check it out!
  16. Gen1 Powertrain
    Anyone on here have the Flowmaster Cat Back? If so can someone make a decent video for a change. Take off, rev, fly by, incar etc... I am really interested in how this system will look/sound on my Eco. I want to hear it but i dont want annoying drone or a ricer sound track.
  17. Gen1 Powertrain
    im looknig at getting a flowmaster dual output force 2.. is this a good exhaust and would it sound good? its catback
  18. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Flowmaster Web-site [$749.60] Car ID [$449.27] Flowmaster just came out with a full dual rear exit cat-back exhaust for the 2011-2012 Cruze. Doesn't look too bad, especially for the Car ID price. My only question is, how does it sound compared to the Magnaflow?
  19. Gen1 Powertrain
    Just looking around and found that Flowmaster is making a cat back system for the Cruze. 2011-2012 Chev Cruize 1.4/1.8L Cat-Back Dual Rear Force II 409S [817565] - $749.60 : Flowmaster Inc. Exhaust Shop, Love That Sound!
  20. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Here's what it looks like from beneath the car: And here's how it sounds!!!
1-20 of 22 Results