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  1. Gen1 Audio, Electronics & Electrical
    I'm about to purchase a 2015 Cruze and I'm planning the audio install. I already have a lot of equipment left over from my last car and I just need some MDF adapters for the Silver Flutes I have. I know there was a group buy from a forum member, but I'm not sure if that's still available. If...
  2. Gen1 Audio, Electronics & Electrical
    I have to pull the door panel off tomorrow to be sure, but I have a buzzing sound at certain frequencies coming from my passenger mid. This can be mostly replicated when on a phone call something about the voice really makes it buzz. Not sure if it is just a resonant buzz, or if the speaker is...
  3. General Discussion
    today I narrowed down where this flute sound was coming when I am on the highway and the wind is blowing a little bit. I took painters masking tape and masked the three sides off the on the windshield and it went away. taking it to the dealer tomorrow to get my driver's side mirror adjusted...
1-3 of 3 Results