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  1. Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    I have a 2011 1.8L with 125,000 miles, I recently replaced cam seals, cam solenoid, timing belt, water pump, thermostat with housing, new transmission cooler lines, new hoses, wire covers and all fluids. One thing I cant freakin remove is the ****** DRUM :evil3::evil3: I removed the access plug...
  2. Gen2 Audio & Electronics
    Yesterday I picked up my new Cruze 4 dr Sedan Premium edition. The car is great but I am frustrated with OnStar and this model. On my 2014 Cruze I could press OnStar calling button and use their minutes by saying Call Denise or Call Home and it would call the number. With this new 2018...
  3. Gen1 Service Issues
    Getting very frustrated! My Cruze is heading back to the dealership for a third attempt at correcting "water in the trunk" issue I am experiencing. Anybody else requiring this many attempts at correcting this?
  4. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Hi, I am new to the forum and I want to share my expreince with my wife's 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Turbo Diesel that I bought brand new. It currently has just under 20k miles and it has been to the dealer three times for the engine light and the light came on again today, so here we go again. The...
1-4 of 4 Results