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  1. where can I find find SAE-0W-30 dexos1 full synthetic?

    Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    I'm looking to find where I can buy SAE-0W-30 dexos1 full synthetic for when the winter nears. Any suggested places or links?
  2. Full Synthetic Straight From The Dealership

    General Discussion
    So I'm about to pull off the dealer lot next week with my brand new 2019 Cruze RS and I want to go directly to Valvoline and get Full Synthetic put in. Anybody have any reasons why this is NOT the best idea? I feel like it's a good plan.
  3. For Sale FS 2018 Cruze Hatchback full seat set Black

    Cruze Parts
    I recently swapped my Cruze seats for Leather and now have the originals available for sale. These are the seats from a 2018 Cruze Hatchback in black cloth. These seats are in phenomenal condition with a few caveats. Car/seats only about 9 months old and 20k miles when pulled and car was very...
  4. Cruze part-out: STB, weathertech, full size spare, trunk mat, cargo net

    Buy/Sell Classifieds
    All parts were on a 2013 Cruze 2LT with 61,000 miles (also for sale) Chicago suburbs Ultra racing strut tower bar/brace - 125 shipped Cargo mat... doesn’t fit very well but served my purpose. $10 local only Cargo net - 12 shipped Full size spare on a 15 in steel wheel. Crappy pic, can...
  5. Cooling system never gets to full temperature

    Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Hey folks, I have a odd problem. My car won't get fully up to temperature. It's cold here in southern Michigan now, been between 40F and 25F lately. The other day , I noticed that my temperature gauge was not ever getting very high, being a 2012 LTZ with 1.4L turbo, it also has a digital...
  6. AC Delco Full Synthetic Dexos Oil vs Mobil 1

    General Discussion
    I know there are many very informative posts out here related to oil. Very informative, but I’ve made no conclusive headway in a situation I have. I purchased a used 2013 with only 32,000 kms (20,000 miles) on it. I’ve put 10000 kms (6,000 miles). The dealership changed the oil at purchase using...
  7. Full Filter Change

    Gen2 Diesel General Discussion
    I'm late to posting this, but I recently changed all 4 filters in my 2017 sedan and wanted to share the experience. I used all oem parts, vehicle had 24,881 miles at time. Car was due for an oil change so oil filter was a gimme. Air filter wasnt honestly that bad, I haven't driven it in a...
  8. Reasons why AC capacity won't hold full??????

    General Discussion
    I've been seeing cars that won't hold above 180 psi on the high. You drain and measure the drain down. You end up with 75% of underhood label capacity. Create the vacuum. Using the underhood label for capacity. Recharge with a scale. A full charge clocks in at 240 - 275 psi on the high side...
  9. Wanted: Full Text of Powertrain Warranty - 2014

    Gen1 Powertrain
    As the title says, I need the full text of the powertrain warranty. Mine runs out next week - I thought I had until November, but I thought wrong. I spent about 1/2 hour searching online for it, but I get is a run around.
  10. 13 Cruze - 71k - Sputtered like misfiring under full throttle, lugged hard, CEL/TC?

    Gen1 Service Issues
    Hey y'all. I was leaving a green light this evening when the car began to lug like it couldn't get out of its own way. I went to 100% throttle and the car felt like it was missing or misfiring. When I got up to about 50 mph, the CEL came on, and the "Service Traction Control" message appeared...
  11. Chevy Cruze Racekor - Project Full Potato

    Cruze Owner Projects
    I'm back from the bowels of the internet to post and share the next part of my Cruze Build, or as some people would say, V4 [Going off of color, since it was stock Silver, Black Rose, then Khaki Green]. Anyhow, time to move away from the car show focus, and ruin the car even more than I already...
  12. Cannot reach Full Boost

    Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    I have a 2012 Chevy Cruze Eco MT 67K miles on it. Right now my mods are no resonator and no muffler, and a trush glasspack on it with dual tip exhaust. Eiback Pro lowering springs. Clutch Delay valve delete. I had a cone filter on it and i had the bvp solenoid bypass(so the bvp will be manage...
  13. 2011 eco not making full boost

    Gen1 Powertrain
    So I have barely had my cruze for maybe a week and I decided to put a short ram intake on it. Well now I'm not making full boost. I'm only getting 13-15 psi now every now and then it'll hit 16-18 for a second but then goes back down. Is there anyways to fix this without spending a lot of money...
  14. Synthetic Blend vs Full Synthetic Oil 2014 2LT

    Gen1 Service Issues
    The dealers in my area are now only offering a full synthetic oil with there tire rotation oil change specials. I have always run the synthetic blend they offered before. I am am little concerned with starting to run full synthetic because isn't it true once you put full synthetic in a car you...
  15. Has anyone ran a full delete yet?

    Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    So after doing (and continuing to do) some digging into what I can expect from a Cruze oil burner, I'm leaning towards a full delete on the motor. EGR, DEF, DPF, muffler- all of it, gone. Has anyone done this before, and if so, what can I expect as far as how the car will respond? Would prefer...
  16. Obama orders Full Review of Election

    Religion & Politics
    Obama orders ‘full review’ of 2016 election hacking
  17. Turbo Full Replacement

    Gen1 Service Issues
    I am currently the owner of a 2011 Chevy Cruze RS with 71,000 miles and am now replacing the Turbo. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same issue or have had to do the same. Since August I've had to change the water pump and also had some other work done . The check engine code...
  18. Boost peaks then drops briefly before peaking again at full throttle

    General Discussion
    Hello, I recently have been having this issue with my 14 Vermont tuned eco reaching 22psi and then dropping to 14psi and back up to 22 as the rpms rise. In 6th gear it isn't that bad, but when rpms are near 4-5k and given full throttle, boost tends to peak, drop and peak again at 22. Anyone else...
  19. Full DVD Touchscreen Stereo Kit

    Buy/Sell Classifieds
    For sale is everything you could need to put this stereo into a 2012 Chevy Cruze, don't ask me if it fits a different year, that's up to you to figure out. Everything is in great condition, GMOS-044 adapter keeps all factory chimes and on star support. Head Unit Radio : Kenwood-Excelon-DDX790...
  20. DPF full and manual regen

    Gen1 Diesel Technical Discussion
    To start off, I'll just say when anybody asked me about my Cruze CTD, I always gave it high praise. I should also say I'm a retired GM employee. The car is 1 2014 model with 67,000 KMs on it. I went away for two weeks and when I left the car in the driveway, all was well. When I got home, I...