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  1. General Discussion
    I’m not super car savvy to start off with. I have a 2018 cruze hatchback lt and it’s been an amazing car for me! I was wondering if I should run premium gas in it, maybe once a month? Thoughts & suggestions? Thank you!
  2. Lighting
    I had a headlight go out a few weeks ago so so I replace the bad one with an old one and it seems that one of my bright headlight is higher than the other is there a reason for this or is it because they're two different brand bulbs and one older than the other
  3. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Are there higher temperature thermostats or higher capacity thermostats out there? I was thinking during the winter or for greater efficiency this might be an option?!
  4. Gen1 Service Issues
    I recently bought a 2012 Cruz and I have had "sometimes" issues of a whistling noise at higher rate of speeds (usually at 65 plus miles per hour) And it doesnt happen all the time either......I went for two days driving back and forth to work and didnt hear it....then on the 3rd day I did then...
  5. Gen1 Audio, Electronics & Electrical
    I don't know much about car audio, but I did notice once I balance things out and actually use the rear speakers I can crank the volume to 45 and it's pretty low. I have to move the sound back to the front speakers. I have the Pioneer 9 speaker system and would prefer not to have to tear the...
  6. General Discussion
    Just wondering if this could help the fact that I can kind of feel the idle in my drivers seat (I'm well aware tat this could be a thermostat issue, I'm having it checked on my first oil change) and the fact that my car runs like crap when my air is on lol
  7. Fuel Economy
    I am currently using mid grade fuel for my cruze, I only started a month ago and I am starting to see a bit of a difference. What about you guys, what grade fuel do you use and if you use higher grade have you noticed a difference? I have the 2012 Chevy Cruze Eco 1.4L Turbo with Manual Transmission.
  8. General Discussion
    GM engineers tweaked the 2013 Chevrolet Volt's battery cell chemistry to increase capacity, electric range, and overall fuel economy. The Chevrolet Volt has been on sale in all 50 states for around a year, but General Motors' engineers are still perfecting the extended range electric vehicle...
1-8 of 9 Results