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  1. Canada
    Hey Everyone, I bought myself a Chevy Cruze this year and all was working great with my bluetooth etc. But every once in awhile when I am connected to the Bluetooth, it will go through all my Text Messages and notify me of all of the texts saved in my phone. It is a long list and the only way...
  2. Other
    FS: HTC One M7 / SOLD SOLD For Sale HTC One M7 T-Mobile (can be unlocked) Includes original box, manual, charger, USB cable. SIM card not included. Very good condition. Few little marks on some of the edges, just from normal use. Was in use for about 6 months. Zagg full body protector...
  3. Gen1 Audio, Electronics & Electrical
    Anyone here have any luck with the new HTC One M8 working with the USB port for audio over USB? I tried the Galaxy S5 and it was a no back to iPhone I went.
1-3 of 30 Results