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  1. Gen1 Powertrain
    ok so, i have an injen cai with a hydroshield on it. for the past 2 days or so there have been ungodly amounts of rain, like over the curb raging rivers on some streets amounts of rain. i've been going through them with my cai because i haven't had time to change to sri mode, and when i...
  2. General Discussion
    Title says it all, wanted to know if the HS helps keep dirt and such off the filter or it only blocks water. If it does, would it hold enough to cause flow issues with the intake? Id like to know so i dont have to go through the pain in the ass that is taking off the bumper just to clean the...
    We’re pleased to inform you that Injen runs a promotion exclusively for CARiD customers. Here’s the deal: Through Feb 29, 2012, buy an Injen Performance SP Intake and get a FREE Black Hydroshield and an INJEN Sticker.
  4. Gen I
    I've decided not to use the black Injen intake I purchased on here a short way back. It is brand new, never installed. To be honest I have not even seen it since I am deployed with the military but I can probably get some pics for you if you give me a little time. I'm happy as the car sits with...
1-4 of 4 Results