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  1. General Discussion
    A dear member of ours on cruzetalk has started to make some better cruze pictures that are more detailed than the ones he has made for the majority of us for our signature pics. Hes starting up a small business I believe and hes asking for some money for them I think since they take hime A LONG...
  2. COTM/MOTM Hall of Fame
    Introducing APRIL 13' COTM Winner IROCZILLA Name: LoganStormtrooper Cruze April COTM Submission Location: Southern California Car Info: 2012 Cruze LS Modifications:- Vinyl Roof Wrap- Aftermarket Black Granite Spoiler- Plasti Dip Front and Rear bumpers, Bowties and Wheel Covers- Limo Tint all...
1-2 of 3 Results