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    Hey everyone, Really glad there's forums for owners of the Cruze. I just traded in my diesel Smart ForTwo for a 2015 Cruze 2LT an I'm pretty happy so far, but I certainly took a hit on fuel economy. The Smart averaged 4.3L/100km, and 3L/100KM on th ehighway. The Cruze...well, I'm 350KM's in...
  2. South
    All vehicles welcome. Click link for info Benefit Car Shows - Helping the fund raising efforts of Charity and Not for Profit organizations by organizing and helping them run their Benefit Car Shows
  3. Canada
    It's been discussed on the fb group but I figured I'd throw it on here too in case some people aren't part of the group. We're looking at lunch or dinner at jack astors in oakville on jan 27. Ill post the address when I find it and also the time when we decide Sent from my iPhone using...
1-3 of 4 Results