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  1. Cruze Parts
    I made a few set of these it is all listed in the link onEbay $95. I used good product Knukonceptz 0/1 gauge tin coated wire 5145, tincopper lugs & glue lined heat shrink & techflex braided shielding thenagain with the glue lined heat shrink. Any question ask ebay is the quickestresponse from my...
  2. Other
    I decided to go a different route in my setup. This is a KNF60 series that allows the power and ground to go into each side and split out. I also have 5 - 4 gauge adapters and 4 - 1/0 gauge adapters that go with the block, along with 3 fuses of various sizes and the ground links. I'll also...
1-2 of 2 Results