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  1. How do I install - Osram LED Driving Fog Lights with LED DRL ?

    Hi there ... I got the Osram LEDriving Fog Lamps witch included LED Daylight Running Lights. Bot now i do not know how to connect the cable for the DRL to the "Fusebox". I know that i have to connect the black cable to ground or the negative Batterie contact but where can i find the ignition...
  2. 2016 Cruze LED running lights only flickering- Any fix

    General Discussion
    Just the running lights sometimes flicker, any way to fix this Has OEM headlights Thanks
  3. LED taillight swap

    Gen2 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Okay so I posted this on another thread but thought I would start a new one to post pictures and a video. I installed these on a Saturday, took me about 6 hours start to finish but now that i know what to do it's probably a 2-3 hour job. The install does require splicing into the factory...
  4. LED Turn Signal Hyper Flash

    Hi All, So I just bought me some LED rear turn signals and resistors from Diode Dynamics. I have tried installing them (as per instructions and YT videos) and I am still getting the hyper flash issue. I have triple checked that everything is wired properly and making good contact. Hazard lights...
  5. Backup light led replacement 921 incorrect?

    Gen2 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Trying to replace my '17 Premier hatchback's reverse lights with led. Everywhere I check I get a 921 led will replace. Yet, the 921 has a narrow base that will not fit the socket. I've ordered and tried not even close. What's the correct bulb number or led solution to fit the backup bulb socket?
  6. 2017 Cruze LED taillights

    Cruze Owner Projects
    Hello. I want to be able to upgrade my taillights to aftermarket LED ones I found (picture attached) the problem is that it needs a separate plug for the turn signal and one for the brake light. My car only has one plug for both the brake light and turn signal,something I don't really care for...
  7. Had a stereo shop installed LED headlights 2 months ago, driver side now flickers

    Gen2 Audio & Electronics
    It might need a resistor, canbus harness or the light is defective? Can anyone tell if the resistor or harness already installed? Here’s a video of the flickering light
  8. Mock Fog Lights with LED Strips

    Cruze Owner Projects
    In my intro post I mentioned that I was going to add mock fog lights to my car. Well..... I did that today! Personally I love it. Let me know what you guys think. Here is a day and night picture with the headlights on and off.
  9. Headlight conversion

    Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    What's up guys, I'm new to the forum but have been using the site for some time now. I honestly don't know much about cars (bare with me on what knowledge I do have), and always looking to learn. I have a 2012 Cruze LTZ RS, and am looking to install LEDs for the headlights/fog...
  10. LED Taillights

    Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Sorry if this has been posted before, the search function just returns a blank page. I bought some LED tail lights and after a month of having them installed realized they don't like up brighter when the brake is applied if the headlights/running are on. This is what I got...
  11. A dealer said bulbs shouldn’t be replaced with LED because of resistance, are they BS

    Gen2 Audio & Electronics
    For 2018 model. Bought a set of Phillips LEDs for reverse and license plate, took them to a dealer to get installed and they said LEDs are not recommended because of different...
  12. LED lighting longevity

    Gen2 Audio & Electronics
    For the people running LED headlights in their cruze, How long have you had them? My biggest concern is overheating during summer months.
  13. LED resistor splice

    Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    So I'm a noob with wiring but I'm going to be installing LED turn signals front and rear on my 2014. With the front signals they're also park lights so I'm assuming it will have 3 wires; ground, park light and turn signal. I should be splicing into the turn signal wire, obviously, but does...
  14. 2017 Chevy cruze led headlights

    Gen2 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    I have been trying to find a set of led headlights to work in the projecter housing but all the 9012 headlights I order online don’t fit in the headlight housing the tabs don’t seem to line up has anyone managed to find a led bulb to work for the new body style cruzes
  15. Led lights

    Cruze Owner Projects
    So my name is Max I got a 2016 Cruze limited LTZ, I want to to turn all my blinkers all LED lights, with load resistors, is it possible, or probably will have to replace the whole actual lights with led modules? If anyone has an idea. That will be great thank you!! 👍😊 Cause I have come to the...
  16. Led light bulbs add small size magnifier

    Cruze Owner Projects
    add magnifier 我從使用 Tapatalk 的 SM-N950U 發送
  17. Resistors for LED turn signals

    Where’d ya mount them front and back?
  18. 4-Color LED Headlights—What do you think?

    Vendor Deals
    Bringing you something a little different to kick the week off, Boslla is offering the first ever 4-color LED headlights via Kickstarter. Having variable color temperature to deal with fog or other inclement weather sounds like a half decent idea in theory, and at $49 per set the price isn't...
  19. Daytime running and turn signal LED lights on LTZ 1.8 RHD Korean built 2012

    Anyone have a wiring diagram or have any experience with wiring up after market Daytime running LED lights from China. The local auto electrician will not fit them because of problems with this type of light from this source in the past. There are 10 LED white lights running the length of the...
  20. More Lighting Savings, Off-Road LED Light Bars

    Vendor Deals
    Wrapping up the day we spotted another lighting deal, this time on LED light bars designed with the off-road enthusiast in mind. the 31" curved bar has an output of 180W, and is designed with some serious heat sink fins to keep the LED nodes cool and extend their lifespan. Learn more at the...