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  1. Gen II
    2018 Cruze weathertech mats for front and rear. $50 - local pick up in Enfield, CT. Shipping will be like $110 if not local :( we weighed it and calculated shipping already
  2. Gen II
    Gen 5 DIY DRL harness. keeps your LED strip on all the time $80 Weathertech floor liners for Gen2 $80
  3. Gen I
    have a set of front floor liners made by weather tech. FRONT ONLY. Had them in a 2013 LT sedan that we no longer own. All little brackets to keep them secured in the floor are included. Great for winter! Asking $75
  4. Gen2 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Just curious if anyone has used the GM/Chevy branded floor liners, as opposed to Husky, WeatherTech, etc? If so; what are your thoughts and experiences with using them? Quality and durability?
  5. Other
    Husky Liners 16-18 Chevrolet Camaro X-Act Contour Black Front Floor Liners $75 plus shipping. You won't find them cheaper anywhere. These are their best-not their Weatherbeaters.
  6. Gen I
    Have a set of factory front floor mats, and a set of weathertech liners for sale Stock mats $25+ the ride Weathertech $50+ the ride Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
    When you're thinking of the best ways of keeping your Chevy Cruze in a tip-top shape, the first thing that comes across the mind, is performing its maintenance on a regular basis, right? Notwithstanding the importance of getting your vehicle properly serviced, having it equipped with other...
    Looking for the best way to protect your interior from wet dogs, muddy boots or any other stains? Look no further, Husky Liners is the best option to consider. With Father's Day Promotion you have a great chance to save on them! Purchase any Husky Liner and get 10% OFF the original price. Don’t...
    Fresh up the interior of your Cruze with Husky Liners and keep it protected at the same time! Husky Liners are known for their unparalleled durability and superior protection. Formed from the rubberized thermo-plastic, they feature patented “nibs” to keep the liner from shifting and containment...
  10. Other
    Recently traded my 09 Silverado in for the new Cruze and looking to sell the husky's. The mats are only about 6 months old and in great shape. The back mat had to be trimmed about 1.5 inches on the back side because of a under seat organizer, but the still go to just under the seat so everything...
    There is virtually no other product available on the market which could protect your vehicle's floor better than the custom-fit floor and cargo liners made by Husky Liners! Dirt, ice, melted snow, and muddy paw prints of your pet are not a danger for your interior anymore. The company set the...
  12. Cruze Parts
    Hi All, As the title says, I have a Husky Liners WeatherBeater all-weather trunk floor liner for sale. This liner is suitable for all years and models of the Chevy Cruze. I bought this item brand new when I bought my 2011 Cruze Eco, and it's in fantastic condition (photos attached). I don't...
  13. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    I just bought a new 2015 cruze. I need floor mats bad. Who has the best deals on weather techs first and second row? Thanks!
  14. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Planning to get new liners for my Cruze. Are Husky Liners worth buying? Few days before Father's day and I see sites who give hefty discounts.
  15. Buy/Sell Classifieds
    SOLD I sold my 2011 Cruze so have a nice full set of the Husky WeatherBeater Floor Liners. They kept the carpeting in mint condition and these have been cleaned so they look new. Included is the 2 piece front, 1 piece rear and the Trunk/Cargo liner. These are over $200 new. I will sell for...
  16. Cruze Parts
    Have a complete set of WeatherTech DigitalFit Liners for 2011+ Cruze. They came out of my car when the lease was up and turned the car in. I took very good care of them the entire time i have had them which is 2 years, washing them at least twice a month. This is a 1st and second row kit...
  17. General Discussion
    I just purchased a full set with my tax refund to replace the missing factory mats. GM wanted the same price for the crappy stock ones. I'm excited to get them! Sent from Free App
  18. Cruze Parts
    2012 Weathertech floor mats (front and rear) in perfect condition. Lloyds rubberized cargo mat for trunk also for sale. $60 plus you pay shipping for all of them.
  19. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Im just wondering if anyone has bought the husky floor liners and if so, how do they fit/ look/ perform! thanks in advance!
1-19 of 33 Results