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    Just an observation. In looking at the dealer inventories online today for the Chevy dealerships in town, each one has three '12 Cruze models listed. The only models shown are ECOs, LSs, & 1LTs. They all have bunches of '11s though.
  2. General Discussion
    Did any of you need to order yours because the dealers did not have the one you wanted? They are looking locally but I am really set on the LTZ with the RS package and sunroof ...For me it has to have the "look" So did you have to settle or were you able to get your dream car?:o
  3. General Discussion
    I went to pick up my brand new black ltz cruze last week. The salesman said that it had been s strange day. I said what is wrong with my car. He said let's go take a look. As we get back to my car it has two dents in the trunk lid where the lot tech hit a delivery person walking across the...
21-23 of 23 Results