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  1. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. I just joined the forum and thought I'd say hi. About 2 weeks ago I traded in my previous car for a brand new white 2015 Cruze LT with RS package. So far I absolutely love it. I have modification plans that I'd like to do in the near future. So far, I have tinted all the...
  2. Cruze Parts
    Cruze got totaled, managed to snatch the trunk liner out before insurance company scrapped it. I paid a little over 100 new for it, willing to part with it for 60.
  3. Midwest
    Chevycruze2012 and myself were discussing a Midwest meet. Tentatively, we are looking at 18-19 July (Friday/Saturday). The Budweiser factory hosts free tours and drinks at the end of the tour. The gift shop is huge too. I also have access to St Louis Cardinals tickets on the cheap (They are...
  4. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! My name is Jon, and I'm from the St. Louis area. I bought my 2012 Cruze (1.8, 6mt, black) new in Mississippi while at Keesler Air Force Base for training. So far (17K miles) it has been a great, problem free daily driver and gas saver. Just wanted to say thanks in advance to...
  5. Cruze Parts
    I am selling just the wheels, I bought them new earlier this year for over $750 with shipping, lug nuts and wheel locks. They have been on my car since early April, they have about 8,000 miles on them and no damage. I wash and wax them frequently and they are still like new. I am selling them...
  6. Midwest
    Any one in the St. Louis area that'd want to start a cruze group?
  7. General Discussion
    I'm going to be driving across I-70 this weekend. On Saturday I'll be cruzing through St Louis and it appears there are road closures on I-70 near the Mid-Rivers Mall and again a little further east but before I transition to I-270 to head east into Illinois. On Sunday I'll be cruzing into the...
  8. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    I'm a 29 year old electrician from St. Louis and I come from a big family of mechanics and car enthusiats, I also served in the Army for a while until I was injured and medically discharged. I didn't plan on modifying my car when I bought it, but after driving it for a while and visiting this...
  9. General Discussion
    I was looking to get a Trifecta tune on my car... located in Memphis but am from STL and make frequent trips back.. the dealer for Memphis on the Trifecta site did not respond to my email and their phone is out of service.. So I didn't know if I could avoid the deposit and shipping hassle for...
  10. Midwest
    Hey guys, I wanted to see if people were interested in a midwest meet. i see people trying to get them going but it ends up falling through. I would love to plan one for the spring (which is right around the corner!) Let me know who is interested.
  11. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    New 2012 Cruze LS 6spd MT Blue Topaz, Bought the car 3 months ago for a commuter car. So far I have no complaints about it, Previously I was driving daily a lifted 09 jeep wrangler on 35's, so the cruze is great on gas. I plan on owning this car until it dies. Hello Everyone!
1-12 of 14 Results