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  1. Gen1 Service Issues
    Scotty Kilmer of you tube fame , says most will never make it to 100,000 without major component failure , what do you think ? Says one of the worst ever made.
  2. Diode Dynamics
    HDLED Halos (Custom Cruze headlights built & installed by Lightwerkz) Introducing Diode Dynamics HDLED Halos! The first and only LED halos that are 100% Made in USA. HDHalo Technology: These halo rings feature all the benefits of our exclusive HDHalo technology, including: - Proprietary...
  3. Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    Hi every one. I am from the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago. I'm seeking help on trying to determine the correct rotor size for my 1.6L Chevy Cruz LS 2015 model (South Korean made RHD). I have tried using the VIN as a means to quickly identify it, but the VIN allocated to vehicles manufactured...
  4. RockAuto
    The unique catalog makes it easy to see all the parts we have for your vehicle. Search boxes are available as well to help scroll to your specific vehicle, identify which category a part is listed under or do a Part Number Search. Now you can also use a search box to quickly see...
  5. Diode Dynamics
    (Photo courtesy of Pierson Brennan) RGBW™ LED Demon Eyes The only LED Demon Eyes made in USA! Diode Dynamics is pleased to announce RGBW LED Demon Eyes, designed for use with Mini H1 projectors, or OEM Chevrolet Cruze projector applications through custom mounting. Demon Eyes are small...
  6. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    So last weekend I was driving on the highway at 100km when the car started losing power & a warning appeared saying ‘service vehicle soon’. By the time I got home the car could barely make it above 50km & was making strange noises when accelerating I parked the car at my house and rang the...
  7. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    I would like to buy American. I hope the Lordstown plant will increase capacity instead of bringing in cars made in Ramos Arizpe.
  8. General Discussion
    High Demand: GM bringing Chevy Cruze inventory to U.S. from Mexico
  9. General Discussion
    The Cruze Diesel's delco oil filter is made in China. It looks well made and all but... Another made in China product. I wonder if the wix version is made in China?
  10. Diode Dynamics
    Chevrolet Cruze Fog Light LED Bulb Replacements! Plug & Play Install! USA Made SLF! Chevrolet Cruze Fog Light LED Bulbs Diode Dynamics carries LED replacements for your Chevrolet Cruze's fog lights, in all major sizes. They are available in HP, XP, and SLF styles. This will make your...
  11. Cruze Parts
    Beautiful, easy to clean floor mats for sale. $30+shipping and it's yours! Just hose it off, that's it! PM me for my # so I can send you pictures. Also, for a total of $50 I'll throw in those cool Chevy Cruze scuff plates if you want those too. Regards, Matt
  12. General Discussion
    I'm kind of afraid to ask this question because I love Chevys and that's why I bought a Cruze. But how much of the American cruze is made in America? Because I know its assembled in america.
  13. Gen1 Audio/Electrical Tutorials
    So, I know that GM will do anything to save a buck on these cars and I guessed that the pcb, printed circuit board, would be identical in Cruzes with and without fog lights. I started out by completely tearing down the module. First you need to remove the indicator dial by gripping the outer...
  14. General Discussion
    Scott at sent me a couple window stickers for a great price and free shipping! Check it out :)
  15. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    So finally starting to get this big turbo dialed in nicely. Went out to the track and scared the **** out of myself when the brakes faded in the first corner, i entered at 110 MPH and needed to be doing ~50 for the apex. Brakes only got me down to 65 and i had to throw it into a 4 wheel skid...
  16. Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    Since tecollins1 took my $90 3 months ago and disappeared I decided to make my own so I can get my stereo running. I used high quality OFC , high flexibility 1/0 AWG copper wire. I also bought military grade battery terminals and removed the oem pieces. I did it differently compared to some of...
  17. General Discussion
    Hi Fellow Cruzers, So I went to advance auto parts to get spark plugs and I ordered Autolite APP 3923. But instead of Autolite APP3923 (double platinum) the guy at the counter gave me Autolite AP3923 (single platinum). I didn't notice the mistake until I installed the new ones and put the old...
  18. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Drove to the Nashville area and back home this weekend. Did about 9 over the posted speed limit almost the entire trip. During the drive the highest average I saw was 55.4 MPG. Arrived in the Nashville area with an average of 49.1 MPG over 564.8 miles. I account the loss of MPG due to going...
  19. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    So, there may already be threads on this, but I'm bored and felt like having a conversation as to why people decided to go with a Cruze diesel. Here are my reasons: The fully optioned out Cruze was cheaper than the fully optioned out Jetta, felt more solid, has a better fuel economy rating, has...
  20. Gen1 Powertrain
    Heres the clip. I got it done by Hot Rod Scotts Exhaust in Toronto! Trifecta Performance Tuned Chevrolet Cruze Exhaust Start Up and Rev - YouTube