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  1. Gen I
    Hello selling my service manuals for my Chevy Cruze TD. There are five books that cover anything you will need to know about your Cruze it covers 1.4l and 1.8l gas and also the 2.0l diesel. Recently sold my car so no longer need them. Paid $400 new want $300.Here is where I got them...
  2. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Hi selling my service manuals there are 5 books total which cover 1.4l 1.8l and 2.0l diesel. They have anything you will need to know about your Cruze. Paid $400 for them just sold my Cruze diesel so no longer need them. Let me know if your interested want $300.
  3. General Discussion
    Hello all, I have a 2016 Cruze base model. I need a Chiltons or Haynes repair manual. I can only find a 2011 to 2015 manuals. Will this be sufficient for my needs? I have found the GM shop manuals for $300. I don't want to spend this much. Thank you
  4. General Discussion
    I got an email from Haynes. If anyone is interested in a Haynes manual, the email says that all Haynes manuals are $10 off until tomorrow, September 29, 2016. Enter promo code EPROMO1 at checkout. I have the official Cruze service manual, but I also got the Haynes manual because sometimes...
  5. General Discussion
    Used before for other vehicles with pleased results. Found a coupon on the web to get a two year subscription for my 2012 2LT for $12.95. With hopes they redid the electrical circuit diagrams to show a complete diagram of a particular circuit so I could get a full picture. But to...
  6. General Discussion
    Good day, I am looking for my new Cruze 2011 LS 1.8L manual transmission: 1- workshop service manual (I have looked on ebay, approx 350$, looking for cheaper, if possible). Anyone knows if there is a downloadable vervion anywhere? 2- complete Illustrated part catalog, maybe internet sites...
  7. General Discussion
    Weber Chevrolet in Creve Coeur (St. Louis), MO has approximately 15 ECO's with manual transmission in inventory. All colors except imperial blue metallic. I bought my crystal red ECO manual from them about a month ago. Great dealership. No BS. Talk to Dave Matthews in sales and tell him you...
  8. Gen1 Powertrain
    can i purchase the shop manuals for the Cruze? there is a company in detroit mi that sells the manuals for gm cars. i purchased, in the day, complete manuals for a 1981 olds cutlass, 1990 bonnevile, 1998 buick regal, but could not for my '08 astra. they are invaluable.
  9. General Discussion
    Hey guys, Just stopped by the web site and discovered that GM has finally made available the Owners Manual and other demo/info. 2011 Chevrolet Cruze <LI class=manual_video sizset="126" sizcache="0">View Owner's Manual <LI class=manual_video sizset="127" sizcache="0">View...
1-9 of 10 Results