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  1. South
    Anyone here in the Charlotte/Huntersville/Gastonia area?? Just joined up today. I have a few mods but nothin crazy--YET.
  2. General Discussion
    Follow everything Twitter & Instagram for the Lordstown Meet Up 2015! Twitter: @LordstownMeetUp Instagram: @LordstownMeetUp
  3. Events, Meets, & Regional Discussion
    That's a Connecticut Cruzetalk Meetup. ha. Connecticut is a pretty small state so it would be pretty simple to get all Cruzers from the state (and bordering states if interested; MA, RI, NY, NH, VT all within an hour or 2) to meet up at a neutral location to meet, talk, check out, maybe grab...
  4. South
    2014 2LT Red Hot 5-weeks-old. ...looking to meet-up with Miami area-South Florida Cruze guys, and girls. ...for casual vehicle chat, etc.
  5. South
    Anyone in GA want to have a meetup this weekend? I have to work Saturday night, but otherwise I am pretty open. I'm willing to meet pretty much anywhere within 75 miles of Snellville
  6. Events, Meets, & Regional Discussion
    Cruzes, Sonics, Sparks, Camaros, Malibus, Silverados, Sierras, doesn't matter, bring it out! I'm posting this to, and; if someone wants to help spread the word to the Sonic/Spark/Camaro/Impala forums, that would help immensely! I'm in the...
  7. West
    Anyone in Denver looking to do any kind of Cruze meetup maybe? I wonder if anyone likes to go to Bandimere? I know they are opening up track nights soon :)
1-7 of 7 Results