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  1. General Discussion
    Just purchased a great looking car for my daughter and the tire light is on, along with Service system Message on dash. I took to tire shop and they told me not reading the sensors, that my computer needs reprogram. The tires are original 32K miles on them, all holding air 32-37psi. Will the...
  2. Gen1 Powertrain
    Hello, Yesterday my 2014 Cruze LS, 6sp Manual hit 100,000 miles. Usually I hit this mark under 4 years, but it took 4.5 years this time. Anyway, now everytime I start the car I get a "replace the timing belt" message. I am sure this is recommended and this is something built in, but does...
  3. Gen2 Powertrain
    So I’m trying to scan my stock tunes on my autocal. Was going to do this before purchasing my tune. I’m getting an error message saying “Run Boost Loader, Error 0552” when I try to scan under Read 1 E80. Anyone else have this issue? Everything on the autocal was updated as well. I read 2 T76 and...
  4. Gen2 Service Issues
    2018 diesel MT sedan Leaving the post office parking lot I got the message displayed saying "Engine Power Reduced" and the CEL is on. Engine wouldn't really run above about 2,200 RPM so it was slow getting to work. Restarting the car has a new message saying the particulate filter is full and...
  5. Gen2 Service Issues
    Hey folks, I'm driving to the gym early this morning and my clutch stays engaged. Stuck to the ground type stuck. So I reach down to pull it out. Shouldn't have to do that. I pull over and turn off the car. Now I can't pull the clutch out to start it. I'm unable to pump it, it just stays in. It...
  6. General Discussion
    My text messages are no longer coming through on my 2016 Cruze Premier. I've disconnected the phone from bluetooth & reconnected, checked on my iPhone 7 plus to make sure my settings are still correct & cannot figure out what is wrong. Has anyone else had this problem?
  7. Gen1 1.8L
    Saw this info sort of in the diesel section. Thought I’d add it here. You can reset the message by pulling the display fuse for a couple minutes. See pic below. Circled in red. I think it’s fuse #21. I tried the “push set/clr” button for 30 secs, turn key off, etc method first. Didn’t work so...
1-7 of 161 Results