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  1. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    I past the 150000 today. Another CTD to add to the few that made it this far. I think Diesel has his on a treadmill in his garage lol. The last 50000 miles have gone well, only one CEL I cleared 2000 miles back and it never returned. Replaced original tires at 120000 miles, still same brake...
  2. General Discussion
    Today on my way to work I just happened to look down and see she was sitting at 20000 miles it made me look back just 10 months ago she had 69 miles she has turned out to be a great car thus far and I know will continue to treat me great and we are also working on a 600 plus mile tank I...
  3. General Discussion
    Well yesterday I hit 10000 miles on the cruze on my way to work. It turned exactly 10k when I turned into my works parking lot. I know alot of cars make it to 10k miles for the most part but it felt good to see 10k miles on it lol. Here's a picture to prove it. Sent from Free App
1-3 of 4 Results