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  1. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    A few weeks ago I turned in my leased in April of 2015 Cruze eco manual and purchased a 2017 LT Sedan automatic in Summit White. It has the "Convenience Package", "Drive Confidence Package" and the "RS Package". So far I'm still getting to know the car but am enjoying it. I just did my first...
  2. Cruze Parts
    I want to swap-out my 18's for 16's as I like the softer ride of a larger sidewall tire. Each rim has some curb rash and I'm not looking for perfect 16's. There are currently Blizzak snow tires on them, but you'd probably want new one's by winter.
  3. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    A run away shopping cart stopped on my car door. No scratches thankfully, but left a nice 3 inch dent in the middle of my drivers door. Anyone know of a respectable place/person in the Minneapolis MN area for PDR? Thanks!
  4. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Greetings from the SW suburbs of Minneapolis. Just picked up a Silver 2011 LTZ/RS with 9000mls yesterday from a great Chevy dealership in SW metro(Not sure if I can say who?), but they were great to work with. Love the car, but having a little horse power withdrawal as I lost almost 200hp from...
1-4 of 4 Results