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  1. Gen1 Service Issues
    after having the engine replaced at 84,000 miles these problems have popped up. First at the same 2 spots on the highway the CEL starts to flash and service stabilitytrak/traction control displays on dash only at those 2 specific hills on the highway nowhere else. second lately when i get in the...
  2. Lighting Vosla 9008 H13 +120 "Superbrite Light" 65/55W 12V P26.4T Base Anyone see any problems with running these, maybe pulling too much current from the harness or am I good to go?
  3. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone! Picked up a 2015 LT RS a few weeks back and figured I'd introduce myself on here. Formerly a Cobalt SS owner, made the change and I love the Cruze so far. Have Eibach springs on the way, and will be throwing my Yakima roof rack on as well.
  4. General Discussion
    I have noticed that the headliners are not of the best quality and are rough and bumpy on the edges.I have had mine replaced with a better verson but not yet perfect. Will revisit dealer again to discuss.will update.Anyone buying new should inspect this aRea.
  5. General Discussion
    After consideration and review of his posts, we have added diesel to our moderation team. Diesel joined CruzeTalk in June 2013 and drives a 2014 Cruze CDT. Congratulations. Mike.
  6. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    2014 Cruze LT bought last Tuesday.
  7. General Discussion
    Ha, where is Cruze on this issue. One heck of a capacitor, 1,080 farads to be exact. When you take your foot off the gas, guess you have to do that in city traffic occasionally. The alternator output voltage increases to 25 volts putting an additional load on the engine for regenerative...
  8. General Discussion
    2014 Cruze to Borrow Impala Design Cues I personally wouldn't mind this redesign to the North American Cruze sedan as much as the other redesign they have already did in the other Cruze markets. I personally might miss the honeycomb grill but I do think these headlights and fogs look very grown...
  9. General Discussion
    Once agian, has proven their customer service is second to none. When they say they strive to be the best, they prove it with a great product and great customer service. Anyway, I installed the pair of H13 Xenon/Krytpon bulbs that sent me the other day after...
1-9 of 16 Results