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  1. COTM/MOTM Hall of Fame
    Introducing March 13' MOTM OnlyTaurus Super Moderator Gearhead Member Since March 2012 2360 Posts as of April 1st
  2. Cruze Owner Projects
    Yes, I'm doing it.After long thoughts about it, I've decided that I want to have a lot of fun with my Cruze. I'm going to have this car for the next 6 years with a loan, and I want the account life to last 6 years, so it will look better for a home loan after. I'm already ahead on payments, so...
  3. COTM/MOTM Hall of Fame
    Introducing the November 2012 COTM OnlyTaurus Descriptive Thread Title: OnlyTaurus's Sexy Thang Name: Ryan Location: Ellwood City, PA Car Info: 2012 1LT Victory Red Cruze Stock Options: Red/Black cloth interior, 1.4T, 6M, RS and Allstar Packages. Exterior Modifications: Plasti-dip'd stripes...
1-3 of 15 Results