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  1. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Hello all. 2015 Cruze Diesel with 105000 miles. Love the car when I’m driving it but nothing but emissions troubles with this vehicle! Already had NOx #1 replaced, NOx #2 replaced, DEF tank heater replaced, ECU re-flashed at least twice, now we are on the second time around. Just had another...
  2. Gen1 Diesel Technical Discussion
    Good evening to the forum, Background: 2014 Cruze TDI, 98,929 miles, second owner, purchased October, 2017 with 71,000 miles. Just got the "Exhaust Fluid Quality Poor" display yesterday. Spent all last night and all this morning reading all the threads, watching YouTube videos and reading...
  3. Gen2 Diesel General Discussion
    [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Tahoma]Here's the description from OnStar: I contacted my dealer before Christmas and they couldn't get me in. I need to make a quick 700-mile trip this week. I don't mind emissions junk too much, but I don't want to get caught out of town with a worsening situation...
  4. Gen1 Diesel Technical Discussion
    50,500 miles, traveling on the highway at about 50 mph in the middle of a torrential downpour. I was actually looking at the cluster when the engine light came up. Called onstar. Said it was P20EE. Wonder if the rain had anything to do with it?
  5. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    ok so heres what happened. i do about 40 km of city driving a day. max i get to is maybe 80kms an hour for short bursts. i know this isnt ideal for these newer diesels. so on friday i was heading to pick my daughter up which is a 2.5hr drive one way. i got about 1/4 the way into my trip and...
1-5 of 5 Results