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  1. General Discussion
    PLEASE SHARE!!!!! Yesterday, August 03, 2017, I was driving in my 2014 Chevy Cruz, with approximately 27-28,000 miles on it. I loved my Cruz and everything about it. I just knew that I made a good decision when I signed the lease on June 07, 2017. I had a new and more dependable car to get back...
  2. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    hey my names Alex i drive a 2013 chevy cruze eco manual transmission. i live in northwest connecticut
  3. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Any takers? For sale 2011 holden cruze 2L 6 speed manual turbo diesel Has holden factory 5 year warranty Travels upto 1000kms to a tank In perfect condition in and out Only traveled 7500 kms 2 months Rego left Was just serviced by holden wollongong Will swap only for a late model ute...
  4. General Discussion
    I have a facebook page for any cruze owner that wants to join. I am the creator and moderator, as well as an additional 3 moderators and one content creator. Its basically like cruzetalk, but different. You can share photos, videos, and give any insight on the cruze. I dont regulate how many...
  5. Gen1 Service Issues
    when we first started to search the cruzes we drove the eco for a weekend and we liked the dic showing the 25 50 and 500 mile avg readings. but we wound up with the ltz/rs model and when flipping through the dic pages one page is blank. might be that avg page is not there and not available in...
1-5 of 30 Results