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  1. Pending p0300. Misses going up hills

    Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    I'm gonna try this post one more time with hopes a little more info will help.. The car has had a problem with missing going up hills since the pcv system went and was replaced. It bucks and the CEL flashes but will not set a permanent code. Currently the data I have pulled is cyl 1- 1 in last...
  2. P2227 with Pending code P0234

    Gen1 Powertrain
    Hey all fellow Cruzers! Hoping I can find some info and or guidance with my issue. I have a 2014 1 LT with 123K miles. About a week ago I got a P2227 with a pending P0234. I did some forum searching and even a post on FB CruzeTalk that suggested a new MAP sensor, got that. I was due for...
  3. Power loss, no lights, P0299 pending

    Gen1 Service Issues
    While climbing a hill on a road trip I noticed the Cruze lost power about 3/4 up the hill. Cut the a/c and checked the dash, no lights, messages, or abnormal gauge readings. Next hill no power and down to 4th just to get up that one. The turbo seems to be working but does sound like something if...
  4. Pending CEL 2453

    Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Hey guys, been lurking for a few months while enjoying my Cruze! Recently I've been having some issues, probably starting about a month ago and getting progressively worse. Currently have 60k on the clock. Mileage between regens has been poor, especially the last few days where the max DSR has...
  5. P2598 with pending P0299

    Gen1 Diesel Technical Discussion
    If had this twice, can't find an intake leak and I clear it and it seems to operate normally. I monitor MAP pressure and command pressure and the track. This happens when the car is beginning a Regen in stop and go traffic, both times. Freeze frame data shows the last occurrence was at idle...
  6. Engine is ticking, Pending P0299

    Gen1 Service Issues
    Just bought this car last week figures, its under warrenty seems like it surging into gear and i decided to run the codes to see if anything was pending and its showing the P0299 underboost condition, so i got out popped the hood and it sounds like its ticking now. Does this mean im going to...
  7. Pending Trouble Codes

    Gen1 Service Issues
    I bought a scan gauge II and hooked it yesterday. As I was playing around with the different features, I hit the button to scan for codes. It told me there were no trouble codes reported, but it showed 18 pending codes. They are all fairly bizzare codes that start with B, U, and C in addition...