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  1. General Discussion
    So Jan 2017 I got the Ally Major Guard 72/72 $100 deductible coverage when I bought my 14 Cruze with 32k on her. Coverage is good till 01/2023 or 104,000. My steering seemed to be stiff, lock type feel after driving for a while on the highway. I saw a service bulletin for this so I went into...
  2. Gen1 Diesel Fuel Economy
    I managed to get 50.5mpg otw home tonight. Tried to go a consistent 75mph all the way home.
  3. General Discussion
    I currently have a 2012 eco mt with 74000 km. I have 0 complaints about it other than someone dinged my drivers side mirror and another person opened their door into my fender. I would be trading it in for a 2012 lt rs mt with 29000km. The battery has been replaced on it already. It would...
  4. Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    The MPG (61.9 MPG for 50 miles) is still awesome even with 115K miles on my car
  5. General Discussion
    So in my stay for about 5 years in Korea and about 4 years of keeping the cruze... i have met wonderful people along the way. I didn't ask for their permission whether i can post up their pictures but i'm sure they will forgive me. If you have some questions regarding the modifications i'll...
  6. Gen1 Diesel Fuel Economy
    I know its not a record but its my best to date. 831.6. I hope to hit 900 one day. Maybe next time. I topped it to the brim and still drove 69 MPH on the highway with the AC on.
  7. Gen1 Diesel Fuel Economy
    The weather warmed up on Saturday and was a nice day to cruise in the Cruze. We drove a 120 mile round trip and eeked out 60.8 mpg, my best since purchase. Previous best was 59.8. We've driven this route a number of times during the colder months and could only muster 57 or so. Tire pressure was...
  8. Fuel Economy
    This was my new best 50 miles ( well almost 46.) It was 14 miles home from gas station then it sat 3 days then i drove to work. 55 mph on freeway. About 8 miles of city driving at 30 mph with stop lights. Great mpg out of a auto cruze Sent from Free App
  9. Fuel Economy
    Details are as follows. Start: Quik Trip in Monticello, MN Elevation: ~925ft Engine hot Outside temp: 75 degrees F End: Shell in Homer Glen, IL Elevation: ~725ft Outside temp: 59 degrees F Wind: 6mph from the east northeast. Effectively a side wind with a marginal headwind. Net elevation...
  10. Fuel Economy
    These are two of my personal records for avg mpg and distance. The cruze I drive is more then capable of higher mpg avgs unfortunately I am limited by my terrain. I have 2500ft climb over 20 miles from 3000ft elevation to 5500ft which obviously is a disadvantage because I spend more fuel...
  11. Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    Just purchased these springs were very cheap and freee to ship. They also had the drop i wanted most of all. Im a past v dubber and have had what they call a 60/40 drop which has a decent front to rear rake. Anyone have any experience with these? -thanks
  12. General Discussion
    under Other Cars/Toys. I been keeping it on the down low as far as my being a defector from the Chevy fold, so I've been doing my one month review of the trading of my 2011 Cruze LS for a Dodge Dart SXT turbo manual back in the end of December. I'm thinking hardly anyone saunters on down to...
  13. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Hello, I just purchased a 2012 Chevrolet Cruze LT 1.4L Turbo, Metallic Black back in December (2012). It really isn't "packed" full of options, but I plan on changing that once I finish paying my student loan off (in a couple months, wooooo!). My first upgrade project (on the top of my list) is...
  14. Fuel Economy
    I set a new personal best MPG in the Cruze today, and thought I'd share. This is courtesy of my ScanGauge II that's been well-calibrated. And a shot from the onboard MPG computer that's about 3 mpg high so far. Since my last oil change: I was helped by today's 72*F temperatures...
  15. Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    Ok, so this is a little problem I came up with earlier today. From the very small amount of rims available for the Cruze's 5x105 bolt pattern I took it upon myself to literally check EVERY custom wheel manufacturers web-site to see if i could find something that I like. After some searching I...
1-15 of 19 Results