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  1. General Discussion
    Hello, I need to top up the coolant in my '14 Cruze LTZ and I can clearly see it's pink. I've read many places that the factory, in my case, Lordstown Ohio Assembly plant, uses a pink GM DEX-COOL which is superior to the commonly found orange DEX-COOL. Conversely, some people think the...
  2. General Discussion
    That was told on here I may have a check valve problem. In the past 6 months I had a turbo replace and I had leaks in the head gasket and oil pan gasket. Also I notice my car has a rough idle sometimes at stop lights. Yesterday I tried to check check well I remove the metal clip clamp but I...
  3. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Changed my Pink Wheels to White last week. what do you guys think ? word of advise, if you live in a salt climate avoide the LED fog with th e chrome, mine pitted and started to tanish along the top, after only one winter.
  4. Canada
    I was looking around on some websites to find a pink license plate frame but none of them were of my liking. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good websites that sold license plate frames for Chevrolet Cruze's? Thanks
1-4 of 5 Results