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  1. Gen2 Powertrain
    Hey guys, Is there a gauge holder/mount for our cars other than a piller pod? I would like to install a boost/vacuum gauge but I do not know where I could mount it. Side Window Piller has an air bag , correct? 2018 1.4 Thank you.
  2. Gen1 Audio/Electrical Tutorials
    Installing A Boost & Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge in a two-pod pillar from start to finish Over View: Before doing any serious engine mods, I wanted to be able to monitor what was going on. I thought the two gauges that made the most sense were the Boost and Air/Fuel Ratio gauges. They are...
  3. General Discussion
    Whats up guys, What do you guys think of the new gauge pod?
  4. Buy/Sell Classifieds
    What is for sale? -Saris Bones 2-Bike Car Rack Used 7 times. Will not scratch paint, like-new condition. EDIT 5/8/17: THESE ITEMS HAVE BEEN SOLD: -GlowShift 25 PSI Multi-Color Boost Gauge -GlowShift Multi-Color Voltmeter -Free Pillar Pod Included free with the purchase of both gauges is a...
  5. Cruze Parts
    Have a few parts to sell. Will be cross posting to Facebook also. Pics available upon request, files too large for this site. Located in Westminster, MD. Will only accept Paypal. Shipping outside the lower 48 states will be extra. - Cruze ZZP dual gauge pod, new. $75 shipped. - Autometer...
  6. Cruze Parts
    AEM Wideband UEGO Digital Wideband Gauge/Sensor Selling an AEM 30-4100 UEGO Digital Wideband Gauge, the box was opened but the WB sensor/gauge were never installed or used whatsoever. $165 shipped. Comes with everything listed here...
  7. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    So I noticed that some Dumb A** put a dent in my fender. Does anyone think I could get this out myself or would I be best to take to a body shop. I hope the jerk that did it gets a flat! :angry:
  8. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    As title. Does anyone with pillar pods have any pics from outside their Cruze? I want to see how visible the gauges are from outside the drivers window. I'm interested in getting some but I don't want it too visible from outside the car.
  9. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    I finally got around to installing my ZZP gauge pod and Dragon Series gauges that I purchased about 3 months ago lol. I've been sick lately with strep throat and a sinus infection so I've been off from both jobs. I know dragon gauges are chitty, but for the spur of the moment and budget...
  10. Cruze Parts
    Looking to sell my ZZP A Pillar gauge pod, I've also got 2 gauges for sale 1 AEM Wideband with UEGO sensor and harness, and a Glowshift tinted 7 color Boost/Vacuum gauge. I will post a few pics when I get back to the car, I've only had the gauges and pod installed for about a week but I'm...
  11. General Discussion
    Hello all, I've been interested in getting a boost gauge for my 2014 Cruze 2LT but have noticed all the A-Pillar gauge pods are for two gauges. Is anyone aware of a pop that has support for one gauge and one gauge only (think Cobalt SS/SC) thanks
  12. Cruze Parts
    I'm looking for a gauge pod. I prefer the dash pod that will replace the storage compartment but will consider all options. Sent from Free App
  13. Cruze Parts
    Does anyone have or know where I can get the center dash gauge pod for a 2012 cruze? Sent from Free App
  14. Cruze Parts
    FS: K&N Intake, DDM Short Throw, BNR Aeroforce, ZZP Gauge Pod, Motor mounts and more! Aight guys, so since there has been absolutely 0 interest in my 2012 Cruze Eco from private party, looks like it's getting sold to a dealer. So, I've started stripping aftermarket parts off of it and they are...
  15. General Discussion
    I need a fair quote or a general idea on what i should do. I backed up into a storage pod in my 2014 chevy cruze. I need a rough estimate on how much it would be to replace my rear bumper and the gas cover on my car. My parents are not going to file it on a claim but im 19 and my insurance will...
  16. Buy/Sell Classifieds
    Looking for a ZZP dual gauge pod. Not the one with imperfections.
  17. Cruze Parts
    Like the title says. I've got the ZZP A-pillar pod. I was told it's the first release which has scratches. It does have a couple minor scratches. I will get pictures posted tomorrow. I need to charge my camera so I can attempt to take some close-up shots (phone's camera doesn't do it...
  18. General Discussion
    So, I ordered up one of the "second design, no scuffs" gauge pods from ZZP (via BNR) as I'm pretty particular about my interior. It shipped quick directly from ZZP, however I was a little disappointed to open the box and find some scuffs on the lower half of the pod. Now, they aren't really...
  19. Cruze Owner Projects
    Hey Everyone, I have been looking over the forum for a cool gauge pod for my boost gauge and there are a lot of people that have designs for a really cool pod that is combo'd with the dash storage compartment that is up by the windshield, so what I am going to do is build one. There are a...
1-19 of 41 Results