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  1. Gen2 Audio & Electronics
    Hi I just got a used 2017 Chevrolet Cruze LT Hatchback and I am currently having problem connecting my iPhone and Samsung phone in to the front USB port that should allow me to access Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. I’ve tried testing the mini fuses for the USB and it worked fine and for sure...
  2. Gen2 Audio & Electronics
    Hello, So just got a 2016 Cruze LT and have been trying to use projection with my Galaxy S5 but haven't had any luck. Whenever I hit projection, it says to connect supported USB device. My phone has Android Auto and is running Android 6.0.1. Am I missing something? Thanks! Scott
  3. Electron Performance
    Hello Everybody! Electron Performance Presents Aftermarket Headlamps for Cruze. Powerful, Effective, and Cheap. Check out the brochure for more details. Brochure Link : Alternate Link: Free File Hosting, Online Storage &amp File Upload with...
  4. Electron Performance
    Hi Guys. We manufacture Electric Vehicles in India (High speed Electric Motorcycles and small utility in-door/outdoor scooters.) Recently We have also started the following products: 1.) Bi-xenon 2.6" and 3" Projection conversion for ANY CAR Headlights, (Both RH and LH Drive) - 2.)...
1-4 of 4 Results