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  1. CruzeTalk New Member Introductions
    Hi all, picked up my new Cruze a week ago. It's an LTZ with every option except sunroof. It only has a couple hundred miles on it. so I'm still learning it's features and getting used to it. One feature I was looking foreword to is the proximity key system. Keep the key in your pocket or purse...
  2. General Discussion
    Hey guys, I have a '14 LTZ RS. I previously had the same model but a '12. Why did GM go away from the little black proximity sensor on the outer door handle. I love my '14 but if there was one thing I liked about the '12 it was this. Before I could just walk up to the car and as long as I...
  3. General Discussion
    Just got a 2012 LTZ/RS.....LOVE IT! Something weird happened last night...we were at a baseball game, and I had my key in my pocket, and my wife's key was in the Cruze. When we arrived back at the car (it was dark out by then), the Cruze lights were on. Is this some kind of feature fo safety...
1-3 of 3 Results