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  1. Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    So I usually use AmorAll all purpose interior cleaner when cleaning the inside of my 2014 cruze but I'm trying to cut down on the amount of cleaning products I own and would rather have an all purpose cleaner I can use in both my house and car (plus I've heard AmorAll isn't the best product to...
  2. Gen1 Diesel Technical Discussion
    Doesn't seem to be apart of the older diesel Cruze.
  3. General Discussion
    The grey colored foam attached to the bottom of the cowl inside the engine compartment was coming lose. I reapplied it using 3m trim adhesive where it was falling down. What is the purpose of this? Is it just for coolant odors, or even s it for much more?
  4. Lighting
    Can someone explain the purpose of hyperflash? I don't even understand why it happens. "Back in the day" flashers depended on the current flowing through them to heat them up which opened the circuit, then when they cooled it closed the circuit, and this made the flashing. You had to get the...
  5. General Discussion
    OK - its a splash shield. I knew I found out about it on this forum. Read on... News | Chevy Cruze latest GM vehicle to get engine-protecting splash shield | Consumers Digest No other...
1-5 of 6 Results