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  1. Pioneer speaker quality

    Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    Hey guys, For those of you with the upgraded sound system how have you noticed the long term quality? Ive got the sun and sound on my car and one of the deck lid subs is starting to vibrate (sounds like paper on the speaker) after less then 10000km give or take 6 months. Its being replaced...
  2. GM Quality Control out of Control?

    General Discussion
    GM Just Lost Its Fourth Quality Chief In Less Than Four Years If there’s one thing that has bedeviled General Motors for the last several decades, it’s quality. So when the company announced a few years back that it was working to get the quality of its cars up, we weren’t sure how...
  3. Interior quality.. (2011 LT)

    Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Been awhile since I've been on the forum so, hello! On to what I was going to post.. How have your interiors held up over the years of use in your cruze? I certainly dont abuse mine and it gets cleaned every other week but theres a few things that bother me after only five years of the car being...
  4. Frustrated with quality of paint

    Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    So my car now has 12k miles on it and I got it in November of 2014. I've noticed that I have an obscene amount of paint that is chipped! There has got to be at least 20 different spots! A few of which are definitely noticeable from a slight distance without even looking for them. I've taken one...
  5. Quality time with the cruzen today

    General Discussion
    Nice long drive today Nothing like 18 hours in a cruze Sent from Free App
  6. Paint Quality

    Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Hey guys, I want your opinion. Be honest please, is the cruze have a good paint quality, for chips or rust? I wanna know if it's a good idea or a waste of money to do a rust proof (oil). Thank you :)
  7. Broadz '14 Cruze SRiV 1.6 Turbo Sound Quality Install

    Cruze Owner Projects
    Hey guys, this is my MY14 Holden Cruze SRiV Sedan. It features the 1.6 turbo Opel Astra GTC engine mated to a 6 speed manual. I bought the Cruze as a cheap, economical daily driver to replace my aging V8 Jeep. This will become the base for my intended Sound Quality Competition stereo...
  8. Chevy is top US manufacturer in quality study

    General Discussion
    Saw this new Power study today, Chevy has the fewest defects of US manufacturers and is 6th overall. Nice! Here is the link. Porsche is tops, Hyundai up in Power quality study
  9. build/repair quality

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has had issues with the bumper mounting brackets braking on them? I know a few of you have had your bumpers on and off a few times. I took my car in for paint warranty work in November to body shop "A", and upon getting it back, the rear bumper just...
  10. Why does my USB quality suck?!

    Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    I have an iPhone 4 16GB with about 600 songs on it that I just keep in the car for music since I upgraded and that phone just sits and collects dust, but anyways I have a weird problem with music quality.. Every song I play has a crackling noise or "pop" that happens at random times. It's so...
  11. Bluetooth quality

    Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    Ever since I have owned this car I get complaints of its hard to hear me while speaking to someone using bluetooth in the car. They state it sounds like I am far away, like I have the windows open, etc. Anyone else getting this? I'm wondering if it's a crummy bluetooth setup or something is...
  12. Want to get a good quality sound

    Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Hi, Just purchased my 2014 1LT 1.4T Cruze on Thursday and it is bone stock I bought it with 6 miles on it. I am looking to get a good quality sound from the exhaust and also would like to hear the turbo spool more. What should I start with? Thanks!
  13. Quality of Oil Dip Stick

    General Discussion
    Isn't is possible while checking your Oil, the Dipstick with the Plastic handle/assembly could snap when replacing. I looked at it today and it reminded me of something kids would see on a play toy? What happens if the metal part separates and falls in the motor. How far would it go, and how...
  14. Just Took G.M. Quality Survey

    General Discussion
    I'm getting to like the CRUZE more & more each day! Quality isn't synonymous with the CRUZE. Took about a half an hour to complete. Gave the CRUZE a 7 out of 10!
  15. Who makes a nice quality replacement shock and strut?

    Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    It is quite obvious the fac shocks/struts do not last long and are not the greatest. I am looking for a model that will replace the fac units and work well with the fac ECO springs. I do not want coil overs, exotic stuff etc etc. This is a Chevy Cruze, not a C6. They must be able to work in...
  16. Very fast drop of oil quality

    General Discussion
    Hi, I have a Cruze Diesel with 1998cmc engine - 120kw (163HP). In the first year of operation, after 16000 km the oil quality was 47%. After the oil change I have experienced very often regeneration and after under 1000 km the oil quality arrived at 90%. I was to the dealer, they checked...
  17. My 2 year Cruze Review

    General Discussion
    Hello Everyone It is that time of the year again for me. My car is 2 years old 1.4 turbocharged 1LT car with about 18,800 miles on the clock. Her name is Penny. For those interested here is a link back to my 1 year review...
  18. Quest for Modest & Quality Bass

    Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    Hello folks, this thread is to profile my upcoming audio addition to my 2013 Cruze LTZ RS. Hoping to catch the attention of XtremeRevolution for advice/comments. I have the MyLink head unit and that will remain my source. The speakers are the standard set, not the Pioneer set. No desire to...
  19. DEF Poor Quality Warning.

    Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Driving on Saturday the DEF light came on and the info screen said "Exhaust Fluid Quality Poor, See Owners Manual Now" Then it began a countdown to limiting the top speed. The manual says this can happen if the wrong fluid is added to the tank but at 5,000 miles I have yet to add any...
  20. Diesel exhaust fluid quality low

    Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    Last night I experienced the dreaded DEF quality low warning light as well as the DIC warning message 99 miles until speed limited to 65 mph. You can't even clear the message on the DIC to look at your other stuff which is a little bit annoying. I have never added any DEF to the car since I...