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  1. Dealer Workmanship Quality Control Under Warranty?

    General Discussion
    Hi Everybody, Last October I purchased a 2012 Cruze Eco (Auto) from a GM Dealer (Dealer 1) near where my family lives. In August 2013, a crack in the engine block between cylinders 1 and 2 opened up which resulted in coolant leaking from the motor and eventually overheated the motor. Luckily...
  2. Windshield quality 2011 vs 2013

    Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Hi! I had a 2011 Cruze LT for over a year before it was bought back because of coolant issues. I got a 2013 LT 10 months ago. Right from the start the 2013 did not have a sun strip on top of the windshield like I had on the 2011. On top of that, cleaning this windshield is a pain because it gets...
  3. Questions regarding high quality tires and TPM

    Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    Hello Everyone I got a 2012 Chevy Cruze LTZ back in February, i drive about 110 miles a day on non highway roads in PA. My tires are starting to get low on tread and need to replace for the winter. I can't really afford to have 2 sets of tires. What would you recommend that is good for the PA...
  4. Quality of these gas selections??

    General Discussion
    Does anyone know how good the quality of the gas is that you get from these gas stations? 1. Liberty Petroleum (Liberty Gas Stations) - About Liberty Petroleum 2. Martin's/Giant - GIANT® Food Stores - MARTIN’S® Food Markets 3. Kroger - Kroger 4. Wal-Mart/ Murphy...
  5. J.D. Power ranks GM tops in quality for first time

    General Discussion
    J.D. Power ranks GM tops in quality for first time - Jun. 19, 2013 YUP. GM has improved alot since last year! Good job GM keep up the good work. Cruze isn't mentioned, but atleast we can be rest assured this will push them to keep improving.
  6. Quality Self Built t/p gauge.

    Gen1 Wheels, Tires, Brakes, & Suspension
    I've done these for many years. Built my Dad one in the 80's. $25~ for parts. #1- Gauge, 60 or 100# works #2- 2ea 1/4" barbed hose connectors, match npt size of gauge. Get clampless if.. #3- 2ea pipe cplgs to match gauge (1/8 / 1/4npt) #4- 1' braided 1/4" air hose #5- Epoxy the hose on the...
  7. The Crux of "Audiophile" Sound Quality

    Off Topic Discussion
    Got an article up on my site and wanted to share with you guys. This will be particularly useful for anyone thinking about upgrading the sound system in their car. I point out a few important bits of information that should make you think about how far you might want to go upgrading your sound...
  8. Petroleum Quality Institute of America - oil/ATF tests & don't buy alerts

    Gen1 Powertrain
    For some reason, I can't resist posting a few things here... That said, my participation here will be very limited. I stumbled across this site and some alerts thanks to some other high oil consumption discussion elsewhere. Hopefully it's useful and these guys are reputable... The Petroleum...
  9. Deteriorated Ride Quality

    General Discussion
    I need some help in diagnosing a ride quality issue on stock my 2012 Cruze 2LT. For the first 6000 miles the ride was smooth and quiet, then like the turn of a switch, the ride got choppy and jiggly. I can feel it in the seat and the steering wheel at most speeds. It seems like some drive...
  10. Eibach Ride Quality

    General Discussion
    I'm planning on purchasing the Eibach lowering springs for the cruze and in curious how the ride quality is with them installed. I've used Eibach products on previous vehicles and have liked the rude quality but I want to see what others who've installed the kit think. Sent from my iPhone...
  11. Looking for a quality HID kit.

    Anyone know where I can buy a high quality hid kit? I'm sure there are a few members here who have installed them on their cars.
  12. The quality of Cruze's backup camera?

    General Discussion
    To those who currently have a 2013 Cruze with the new OEM backup camera or have at least tested it out, I wanted to know what you think of it and its quality?! How is the camera quality overall? Is color true? Is pixel good?... because from the pics I have seen (Google), the quality looks sub...
  13. Quality of Cruze Leather?

    Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    I am thinking about buying another Cruze. This time I am likely going for an LTZ. Those of you with a 2LT or LTZ how is your leather holding up? How would you rate it's quality compared to the leather in other vehicles you may have owned?
  14. Ever wonder what goes into a quality wiring harness?

    Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    What goes into a custom relay harness? Have you ever thought about that.. Have you ever asked some of the other retrofitters and lighting suppliers that commonly service our community? Or better yet do those other guys even offer custom harnesses and can they tell you what goes into them? Have...
  15. Bob Lutz Forecast: “Brilliant Future for The U.S. Auto Industry” & quality assertions

    Off Topic Discussion
    Bob Lutz Forecast: “Brilliant Future for The U.S. Auto Industry” & quality assertions Bob Lutz Forecast: ?Brilliant Future for The U.S. Auto Industry? | Daily Ticker - Yahoo! Finance Quality discussions come up (starting around 3:18) and Lutz makes assertions that "you cannot buy a bad car...
  16. Cheap Parts, Still Quality Parts

    Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    I just within the last month purchased the '12 Cruze the all standard ls model only because of money issues. But i'm trying to find the cheapest parts i can without losing quality. Headlights, tail lights, emblems, fog lights, etc.. i usually use ebay for all car parts but for one, there is a...
  17. 2011 Cruze didn't rank well in J.D. Power Initial Quality Study

    General Discussion
    Here is the link: Only 2 start overall.. | Cruze And full list: Ratings | J.D. Power It was given 2 stars for Powertrain Quality. Any comments from the owners?
  18. Prjector Lights and Light Quality

    Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    I am having a hard time telling by looking at the headlamps. Are they projector lenses? Also, is anybody able to tell me how the light output is compared to the Cobalt. I feel both my Cobalts headlight lighting is subpar.
  19. Cruze Quality

    General Discussion
    cruze owners..... from your experience, how do you find the quality of parts found on the interior, exterior and under the hood? Is it better then previous cars from Chevy?