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  1. Would you guys recommend these rain guards for the cruze?

    Gen2 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    I got chrome rain visors for my mirrors and the cruze already has a line of chrome at the bottom of the windows. I am just wondering if you guys like how these look. Link:
  2. Refilling DEF without making it rain gluten-free DOT-approved horse-urine

    Gen2 Diesel General Discussion
    So far I am 0 for 2 refilling DEF in 2017 M6 sedan without making it rain. #1, on my flipflops from a $17 2.5 gallon near Ft Erie PA during arctic conditions on I-90. #2, via a $7.88 walmart plastic 2.5 gallon jug, which resulted in crystalized horse urea all over the roof of the car, and my...
  3. Cruze 2012 AC/Ventilation triggers P2138 Pedal/Throttle error after rain

    Gen1 Service Issues
    Any one had a similar problem? When it's a rainy day and i start my Cruze and turn ventilation on (number 5 in pic) (Not even the AC 10 in pic. but just blowers) check engine light is lit. It gives me P2138 (Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch D/E Voltage Correlation) but i doubt it is...
  4. Is it possible to add rain sensor to Chevy Cruze??

    Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    Hi there, recently I had found this OEM rain sensor for Chevrolet Cruze. My car is not equipped with such a nice feature. What if I bought this sensor and installed it. Could it works? Any one has any idea how the wiring diagrams could be? And do I need any reprogramming?
  5. pics of rain guards Please

    General Discussion
    I am looking to buy rain guards and was wondering if anyone can post pics of what they have and how they like them. Ive only had stick on ones never in line either Thank you
  6. Rain Eater wiper blades

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone, I just recently decided to buy new wiper blades for my Cruze. The factory ones only had 18,000 miles on them but after mistakenly cleaning them with rubbing alcohol and making them streak like crazy, I just decided to buy new ones since we have harsh winters in Illinois and the...
  7. Rain guards

    General Discussion
    Does the dealership sell rain guards for the windows or only the couple after market companies? I know there's threads on rain guards however none seem to be up to date. What kind is everyone using and how do they like them. Sent from the sexy electrician
  8. Finally put on rain guards

    Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    No biggie here. Found a set of AVS rain guards for the Cruze on Ebay for $46.00 full set of 4 and after owning the 2012 for almost 3yrs now I got sick of getting wet when it was raining with the driver side window slightly cracked for some fresh air.
  9. Rain Forest Green anyone?

    General Discussion
    So who else owns a rain forest green Cruze?. when I picked mine out it was the only green one. Actually, it and a Silverado were the only 2 green vehicles on the lot!.
  10. Window rain deflectors

    Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    I am the type of person who really does not like adding anything aftermarket to my car. But the rain deflectors seem like a good idea. That being said, the Weatheflector in channel product looks good in theory and I like the clean look. But the window closing issues have me concerned. The...
  11. Rain, black ice and snow...

    Gen1 Diesel General Discussion
    That was the weather on my way home yesterday, three words...cruze is great. Wasn't sure how the car would ride in these conditions but it did a great job...very stable and the traction and stabilty controls work very nicely. Have to say that I have winter tires here north of montréal is not an...
  12. Rain Drop Marks on Seats??

    General Discussion
    I don't normally drive my Cruze in the rain, but I got caught in some a week ago. I have the black cloth interior, and where the rain drops hit the driver's seat I can still see those spots today. I find that odd. Any ideas how to remove them? Thanks
  13. Possible Rain Friday May 17 2013

    Events, Meets, & Regional Discussion
    I posted this earlier in another thread. Alright everyone pack a rain jacket and if anyone has canopy's we might need them depending on how the are is that were going to cook out at. Im trying to get a radar map but the link will take you to one. Youngstown Weather Forecast and Conditions -...
  14. Steering acting up in rain?

    Gen1 Service Issues
    I could be crazy, but something just seemed off. The other day on my drive to work in the rain/moist weather, whenever I got up around 60+MPH, it seemed like my steering wheel would stick a little. As in, I would try to move the wheel to make SMALL adjustments, and it just didn't want to move -...
  15. Rain Sensor

    Gen1 Audio & Electronics
    Is it possible to add a rain sensor to my Cruze? Also, If I buy the LED fog lights from Ebay and the Fog Light Switch from GM can I get them to work through the switch? Thanks
  16. Sooooo pissed... Stupid rain storm last night...

    General Discussion
    Lost my drivers side mirror cover and got my first smal dent on the cruze last night.with in the first 5 mins of the storm a big branch came down and smacked the car..... WTF !!!!
  17. rain guards

    Gen1 Appearance, Body, Detailing, & Interior
    Has any one put these on there cruze? If so could u post some pics would like to see what it looks like
  18. Jumpy traction in the rain with an eco manual

    Gen1 Service Issues
    So I'm curious now that its getting slippery and gross out again. I've noticed when its wet and slippery if i get on the gas too much in 1st that when the traction control kicks in I'm getting more of a pulsing jumping on and off of power that shakes the crap out of everything instead of a...
  19. rain rain rain....

    General Discussion
    so its been raining in arkansas for about 3 seems its been raining form months here...ive noticed the car doesnt like wet roads...or at least the firestone tires like to hydroplane....but at least the traction control on my car doesnt get over active on wet roads..but the...
  20. Rain rain rain and injen cai

    Gen1 Powertrain
    Here in New jersey we got slammed with a massive amount of rain this week. This morning i must have face at least 10 areas of roadway that were flooded out. I reluctlantly went through them scared to death that water would get sucked up into intake. The car seems fine, the road must need over...