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  1. Gen1 Audio, Electronics & Electrical
    Just a quick look at what i have done to add rca's to the rear of the oem radio. i only added front rca's rear can be added the same way. i will add more details once i get a chance. but for now i had to cut a small piece of plastic at the back of the dash were the radio sits in the pocket to...
  2. Gen1 Audio/Electrical Tutorials
    Hey everyone. This write up is very similar to the stickied thread about adding onto your system without splicing into wires. While I like it, I have one very major change up from it and wanted to share with you all. I had originally ordered a PAC LOC SOEM-4. It was very cheap and flimsy and I...
  3. Cruze Parts
    Selling my PAC AA-GM44 used in my 2012 Cruze for about a year. Works Perfect. Top cover doesn't like to stay snapped on so I have used electrical tape to hold it down. Sold the Cruze and just trying to get rid of some parts I no longer need. $20 shipped to continental US only. PM if interested.
1-3 of 3 Results