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  1. Gen1 1.4L Turbo
    Once we tune, we need to change our plug gap back to .028 from .035 correct! Since there are a lot of new tuners coming up with this new group buy, I just wanted to make everyone are of this. Correct me if I am misspoken , but that is what I remember from my tuned LS.
  2. Lighting
    The DRL go on only when you turn on the key and start the engine(the headlights are set for auto on). For some reason I remember the DRL going on when turning on the key in my 2011 LS. They do not in my 2012 ECO. Is that just the way it is. there is a setting I did not set yet or is there a...
  3. General Discussion
    "Thank You" to all the present- and past-military people (and their families) for your service to and defense of our country and its freedom, regardless of your branch of service: • U.S. Army (Jun 1775) • U.S. Navy (Oct 1775) • U.S. Marine Corps (Nov 1775) • U.S. Coast Guard (Aug 1790) • U.S...
1-3 of 14 Results